Employee Advisory Group

The HealthONE Employee Advisory Group is a committee for PSG employees to voice their ideas for improvement of operating procedures, as well as, any issues that may affect them in the workplace to ensure your clinic’s continued success. Each campus has several EAG representatives, who you can reach out to with question(s) or idea(s). Please feel free to also utilize the HCA H.R. Answers website for our company’s various policies.

Your incumbent EAG officers:

EAG Chairman
Charles Hillig

EAG Vice Chair
Andrea Paulsen

EAG Senator
Kelsey Solarz

EAG Senator
Denise Lopez

EAG Secretary
Stephanie Mabey

Each month, we will post events to provide you with numerous fun happenings around the Denver metro area that are appropriate for all ages or ideas of what to do with your family on the weekends. EAG Sponsored Events & Local Happenings: December 2018.

We also have a Peer-to-Peer Shout Out employee recognition program, which gives an allotment of points that can be spent on amazing gifts!!! This can become important for your yearly performance reviews with your supervisor and justification on promotion for career advancement. Recognize someone for their hard efforts today!