Dr. Jim Neid breaks down the latest approval

Dr. Jaya Kumar discusses who should pursue a booster shot and what side effects might be

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Dr. Joyce Moore offers important advice during breast cancer awareness month

Whitney Kearney from the HealthONE Behavioral Health and Wellness Center offers tips on checking in with your loved ones

Crush the Crisis educates public about safe, proper disposal of prescription medications

October 20, 2021

Three HealthONE CEOs provide perspective on how the pandemic has shaped their leadership.

Prestigious list honors CEOs across the Denver-metro area.

October 20, 2021

Dr. Nati Geva authors an important editorial about finding mental wellness

Dr. Laura Hafertepen provides the facts

Dr. Eric Lung shares overview of important community event

Dr. Tara Gregory from the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute serves as local expert

Editorial shines light on importance of healthcare.

Dr. Lora Barke stresses importance of mammograms during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Clinical research and the importance of trusting science are highlighted in this national story.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Learn signs, symptoms and the importance of screening.

Dr. Scott Joy describes the new tool for HealthONE physician clinics to manage upcoming flu/COVID season

Event corresponds with DEA Take Back Day to educate community about safe, proper disposal of opioids

Dr. Laura Hafertepen warns that cases can be worse if symptoms and screenings are ignored

Dr. Jaya Kumar offers valuable insight into how hospitals manage capacity

Swedish Medical Center
October 12, 2021

Dr. Atchie says 80% of strokes can be prevented just by making different lifestyle choices. And, know the BEFAST acronym.

Vaccination status factor in holiday planning.

Dr. Jim Neid offers details and insight into new possible treatment

October 12, 2021

Dr. Laura Hafertepen reminds readers that every month is important in the fight against breast cancer.

COVID Or Flu? New test can detect both coronavirus and influenza virus

Local doctors weigh in on salmonella outbreak hitting Colorado

Hollie Seeley named as President and CEO at North Suburban Medical Center

Natalie Ebonhoch works with roughly 150 patients at a time.

How the pandemic has forever changed health care in the US

North Suburban Medical Center breast cancer patient encourages mammograms

5 recent developments that give doctors hope in the fight against COVID.

How to navigate this season's cold and flu and COVID-19.

New antiviral pill shows promise in helping fight against COVID-19 infections

October 05, 2021

Dr. Fuenzalida provides overview of A-Fib and how to identify.

Dr. Jaya Kumar encourages the public to follow CDC guidance

The center will provide specialized neurological care for spinal cord injury patients, according to an Oct. 2 news release.

Veteran nurse to lead community hospital

The program provides unique neurosurgical treatments for various complications after spinal cord injury.

Vaccine currently being tested could help with opioid addiction

Colorado Blood Cancer Institute
September 28, 2021

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, CBCI physicians and patients aim to inspire others to donate blood.

Delayed reactions can occur, so seeking care can save a life

Swedish Medical Center
September 24, 2021

Focus on new moms, pregnant women in Colorado naloxone project expansion.

Neriah England had surgery a year and a half ago, but spent her childhood going to many doctors without a diagnosis.

Doctors say new COVID models show reason for cautious optimism.

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Campaign highlights the importance of properly installed car seats and other child safety measures.

A CBCI patient and physician discuss the importance of donating blood

The Medical Center of Aurora
September 20, 2021

Medical Center of Aurora patient and physician are highlighted

Dr. Jim Neid discusses the breaking news

Dr. Jeff Matous, Physician at CBCI, serves as expert

Dr. Richard Nash from the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute serves as expert.

As part of the pilot, Swedish's labor and delivery department is trying to help parents struggling with addiction and protect babies.

Rev. Mike Guthrie talks about the decision to keep health information private

September 14, 2021

Bell ringing at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center is a time-honored tradition for cancer patients

Dr. Manoj Bupathi says, "Don't Put It Off Any Longer"

Dr. Michael Gallizzi with OrthoONE at Sky Ridge, offers expertise analysis and tips

Whitney Kearney, LPC, offers valuable insights.

Pregnant and new moms who are at risk of overdose will now be given Narcan.

September 08, 2021

Dr. Scott Joy gives important tips.

Doctors at The Medical Center of Aurora covered for Hill as he was away showcasing how HealthONE physicians answer the call to help.

Whitney Kearney, LPC, offers insight and advice

With COVID cases on the rise, doctors are concerned hospitals will be overwhelmed by adding flu into the mix.

HealthONE Leaders Volunteer To Help Other States Where COVID Cases Are Surging

Sydney Henderson, Director of Infection Prevention, offers expert analysis

Dr. John Woodward, OrthoONE at Swedish, is featured

How to make sense of ever changing, conflicting COVID research.

North Suburban Medical Center is a 5-star recipient for vaginal deliveries as recognized by Healthgrades.

Laura-Anne Cleveland, ACNO, discusses her desire to help others.

As Colorado sees record overdoses, the Colorado Naloxone Project pushes possible lifesaving treatment

Dr. Eric Hill discusses the 2020 flu season and what 2021-2022 may look like

Is your kid taller than a Colorado Black Bear? Are they in the right car seat?

Dr. Jim Neid offers answers to 5280 Magazine's reader questions.

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This is the fourth year in a row that Swedish has been honored for its excellence in gynecologic surgery

Dr. Jaya Kumar, CMO, offers perspective from Swedish Medical Center

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Teachers and parents are creating a safe space inside and outside of school for students to ensure their mental health is a priority.

Las Vegas conference a potential super spreader event after dozens test positive for COVID

For Colorado health workers, the latest COVID surge is a special kind of exhausting

Dr. Eric Lung, CMO from Sky Ridge, and Dr. Katie Sprinkel, ER Physician from TMCA, are featured

Colorado Blood Cancer Institute patient and physician offer perspective

The COVID-19 booster: Who's behind it and why it's recommended

Dr. Gerald Falchook provides overview of cancer research and clinical trials.

Dr. Lung explains how the virus will mutate and breakthrough cases will continue

Dr. John Woodward, OrthoONE at Swedish, offers insights.

The Medical Center of Aurora
August 13, 2021

TMCA offering AI laser-guided mobile robotic system with imaging support

The CDC now recommends women who are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, get the COVID-19 vaccine.

HealthONE Behavioral Health and Wellness Center
August 12, 2021

How can parents help students be less anxious going back to school?

Average age of COVID hospitalizations in Colorado drops

Anxiety over the new school year grows during pandemic

Dr. Katie Sprinkel, ER physician, shares important insights.

Dr. Joe Forrester, pulmonologist, shares expertise

Dr. Anat Geva offers useful tips for parents

COVID-19 trends in the ER and when to consider testing are discussed

The latest changes to mask mandates and how to cope are discussed

Multiple HealthONE behavioral health experts weigh in

Two HealthONE OB/GYNs offer insights.

August 02, 2021

Multiple HealthONE physicians honored

Swedish earns Making Mercury Free Award from Practice Greenhealth

With higher vax rates, masks go away, health experts say

Doctors in Colorado know that CDC guidance on masking has confused a lot of people.

How students, teachers, & parents are combating menstrual literacy

Dr. Eric Hill offers tips for staying cool

HealthONE hospitals working to honor those who are lost