North Suburban Medical Center
November 04, 2020

Brett Keiling BSN, RN, CCRN-K, the Director of Quality, Regulatory and Clinical Data Science at North Suburban Medical Center has been awarded a Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing from the Colorado Nurses Foundation for his innovative work in bringing nurses together through a new program called the Virtual RN (vRN) program. The vRN program connects younger, less experienced nurses with nurse mentors with more clinical experience via telemedicine technology.

“In the past, younger nurses could connect with other nurses in person more easily, but with the rapid changes in nursing and the increase in patient care needs, younger nurses find themselves being placed into units where they need be the experts, and are called to be closer to the bedside more than ever before,” said Gaby McCormick, Vice President of Quality at North Suburban Medical Center. “So, connecting our young, talented nurses with more experienced nurses – even if virtually, really helps elevate the care they provide and gives them access to a mentor that may not be with them in person every day.”

vRN utilizes current telemedicine technology with a two-way live, audio and video connection and has integrated blue tooth stethoscope technology which allows the nurse at the bedside to connect with the more experienced nurse and simultaneously share images of the patient and key vital signs, and devise a plan of care together.

“The vRN program has increased the quality and patient safety at North Suburban Medical Center by giving our nurses access to a network of experienced nurses which can be utilized by frontline staff at a moment’s notice,” said Vernon Naake, MD, Chief Medical Officer at North Suburban Medical Center. “vRN empowers our nurses to connect with one another and learn from one another in ways that benefit and enhance the quality of care we provide, and it has the possibility of changing the landscape for nursing far beyond our own hospital and community.”

Keiling has been nurse for more than nine years, and has experience in critical care nursing. Keiling now works in the Quality Department at North Suburban Medical Center and is a Certified Nurse. Under his leadership, North Suburban has excelled in Sepsis Care and has won several quality awards from third-party, independent organizations.

“To be able to give back to the profession of nursing - even if I’m no longer at the bedside, is really important to me,” said Keiling. “Mentorship is so important in our profession, and using this technology gives our nurses a network of clinical experts who can elevate the care they provide to their patients and gives them access to the knowledge that may not normally be available at the moment. It’s a great accomplishment, and I am so proud to have been a part of this.”

Keiling was recognized as a Luminary Award recipient by the Colorado Nurses Foundation for his work, and ultimately selected as a Nightingale Nurse Award winner at the annual Nightingale Luminary Awards held recently.

Brett Keiling - 2020 Colorado Nightingale Nurse - North Suburban Medical Center