Englewood, CO –The Surgical Robotics Institute at Swedish Medical Center has announced the addition of a next-generation robotic system to its fleet of surgical robotic equipment. With potential to revolutionize the surgical landscape, this single-port (SP) robot allows surgeons to complete delicate, complex procedures through only a single, one-inch incision. Swedish Medical Center is the first in a five-state region to begin using this advanced technology. 

“The single port robot ushers in a new era of surgical innovation,” explains Jaya Kumar, MD, chief medical officer of Swedish Medical Center. “Not only does it allow surgeons to have unparalleled access to difficult-to-reach areas, but it also opens up the possibility of new and different routes to surgery that were not previously possible.” 

Surgery with the SP robot begins with the surgical team creating the first and only incision. Through this incision, a tube is placed, which contains a camera and three instruments. Surgeons then use external controls to manipulate these tools, which are fully articulating and allow for triangulation and 360o rotation. The robot’s innovative design provides greater reach than multi-port robots, exceptional dexterity (greater than the human hand) and increased precision. For patients, this often means less pain, better outcomes, reduced hospital stays, shorter recovery times and diminished scarring. 

The Surgical Robotics Institute at Swedish Medical Center performs thousands of robot-assisted procedures each year. In a field where experience matters, Swedish patients often experience shorter recovery times and exceptional outcomes. The SP robot currently is approved for head and neck surgeries as well as urologic procedures, including prostate, kidney and urinary tract surgeries. Swedish will begin using the SP robot on May 25, 2023. To learn more about the Surgical Robotics Institute at Swedish Medical Center, please visit the hospital’s Web site.