August 12, 2021

The CDC has updated its guidance to now recommend the COVID-19 vaccine for people who are pregnant, or trying to get pregnant now or in the future.

Melissa Shields, oncology director at Sky Ridge Medical Center, and Emma Waymire, infection prevention director at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, spoke with 9News about why they chose to get the COVID-19 vaccine prior to becoming pregnant.

Waymire said her decision wasn’t just about her own health, but about the health of her future baby.

“Feeling that I’m protecting my baby is probably the most important gift I can give him. Not just while I’m pregnant, so I don’t get sick while I’m pregnant, but once he’s born. He won’t be able to be vaccinated, but I’m less likely to bring infections home from work to him,” she said.

OB/GYN physician, Dr. Greg Lindsay wants to correct the misinformation circulating about the vaccines and is thrilled that the CDC has joined the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine and the American College of OB/GYN in recommending that pregnant people receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

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