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Colorado Chiari Institute (CCI), at The Medical Center of Aurora, combines the art and science of medicine to diagnose and treat those suffering from Chiari 1 Malformation (CM-I) (pronounced kee-ar’-ee), Syringomyelia, Non-Chiari Syringomyelia and Tethered Spinal Cord. The Institute is dedicated to the evaluation, care and treatment of patients that have been diagnosed with Chiari 1 Malformation and related conditions. Our team offers medical expertise and advanced technology, and we concentrate on educating not only patients, but also their families, about these rare neurological disorders.

We’d like to welcome experienced neurosurgeon James H. Stephen, MD to the team. CCI is in transition, and Dr. Oró is no longer accepting new patients, but will serve as Medical Director of CCI. This coming year, he will focus on national and international Chiari education.

At Colorado Chiari Institute in Aurora, Colorado, located at the foot of the majestic Rocky Mountains, just minutes from Denver International Airport our team of experts handle all aspects of care from evaluation and diagnosis, to treatment. The CCI team closely consults with referring physicians throughout the course of treatment to ensure that the patient receives appropriate follow-up after their Chiari decompression surgery, or other treatment plans.

We encourage our patients to be active participants in their care and treatment planning. Our goal is to provide the highest quality care to help heal body and mind, throughout your journey with Chiari malformation. View our referral process and to schedule a visit.

Colorado Chiari Institute
1400 South Potomac Street, Suite 210
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 303-695-2663
Fax: 303-695-2665

Colorado Chiari Institute

1400 South Potomac Street, Suite 210
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (303) 695-2663
Fax: (303) 695-2665

To obtain medical records, contact: The Medical Center of Aurora
1501 S Potomac St
Aurora, CO 80012
(P) 303-584-8201
(F) 855-330-4290

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Colorado Chiari Institute
1400 South Potomac Street, Suite 210
Aurora, CO 80012
(P) 303-695-2663
(F) 303-695-2665