The past, present, and future construction of Presbyterian St. Luke's Medical Center

Expanding our Commitment to Caring for Denver and the Rocky Mountain Region

Starting early September 2021, Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL) will embark on a $60 million campus renovation to enhance and expand the services we have provided the community for 140 years. This commitment to creating healthier tomorrows ensures that we will continue to offer world-class medical treatment in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for our patients, while providing our physicians and colleagues a more functional setting that promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Featured enhancements include:

  • New main entrance plaza offers covered, pedestrian-friendly passage between the main hospital entry, A Tower, and Professional Plaza West
  • Expanded Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute comprehensive cancer center, including a new dedicated entrance, cancer resource center, and satellite pharmacy
  • Renovated inpatient oncology unit including expansion of bone marrow transplant capabilities from 37 to 55 beds
  • Relocated cell therapy lab for treatment of blood cancers
  • Renovated adult critical care area including three additional ICU beds for a total of 21
  • Exterior refacing of A and B Towers and Professional Plaza East and West
  • Enhanced campus signage for better patient and visitor wayfinding

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Interior wayfinding map

Exterior wayfinding map

Labor and delivery parking and entrance map

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Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center campus renovation estimated timeline:

  • Main entrance plaza: Early September 2021 - Summer 2022
  • Exterior tower and medical office building renovation: Early September 2021 - Summer 2022
  • Comprehensive Cancer Center creation: July 2021 - February 2022

Rendering of Infusion waiting room

Expanding our commitment to cancer care

Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s is creating and renovating dedicated spaces for the comfort, healing and support for our cancer patients and their loved ones.

New Comprehensive Cancer Center on 1st floor of PPE, including a dedicated:

  • Entrance with canopy and valet parking
  • Admission area for cancer inpatients
  • Conference Center
  • Cancer Resource Center
  • Satellite pharmacy
Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Inpatient Units Renovation and Expansion

  • Expanding blood cancer/BMT capable footprint from 37 to 55 beds
  • Renovating oncology unit (3N)
  • Installing HEPA filtration to 13 beds (3B) for BMT use
  • Adding family area on BMT

Cell Therapy Lab Relocation and Expansion

  • Adding support for the increased blood cancer treatment and CAR-T therapy demand by expanding into current sleep center location. The sleep center will be relocated to a newly renovated space in the Rocky Mountain Professional Plaza

Meeting the need for adult critical care

  • Adding three additional beds to the intensive care unit (ICU), for a total of 21 beds
  • Renovating ICU rooms, nurses station, and support areas
  • Moving dialysis from ICU to 1st floor, A Tower for patient convenience

Rendering of Intensive Care Unit

Rendering of dialysis center

Rendering of exterior construction

Exterior renovations to enhance safety and convenience

P/SL Main Entry Renovation and Reconfiguration

  • Refacing the exterior of A Tower, B Tower, Professional Plaza East (PPE) and Professional Plaza West (PPW)
  • Removing main drive underground entrance to PPW parking garage
  • Creating a plaza, with a pedestrian-friendly covered walkway between the A Tower and PPW, new canopies, improved landscaping, and enhanced lighting
  • Enhancing access point from Franklin and 20th Ave
  • Complete campus signage plan
  • Adding new windows to PPE