We can’t wait to meet your Rose Baby!

For more than 70 years, it is meant something special to have a Rose Baby, and we are honored to have helped hundreds of thousands of families welcome new family members over our years in the community.

COVID-19 Health Alert for Rose Babies

In our continuing effort to maintain the health and safety of our patients, visitors, colleagues and you, our Rose Babies moms, expectant mothers may only have the birth partner as her one visitor while mom is in the hospital with us. All other loved ones will not be able to visit while she is in the hospital due to ongoing health and safety precautions. After baby arrives, we encourage you to Skype or FaceTime your loved ones as we cannot accommodate visitors other than the birth partner anywhere on the Rose Babies unit.

For the most up-to-date information in this quickly changing situation, visit Rose Babies on Facebook. Thank you for helping us slow the spread!

Getting Ready for Your Rose Baby!

We know you have lots to do to get ready for your Rose Baby. Let us help you stay on track!

Congratulations! You're expecting (or would like to be!)!

The time during and around pregnancy can be highly emotional. If at any time during or after your pregnancy, you find you need extra support, check out our perinatal behavioral health program.

12 Weeks

Are you high-risk? We can help.

Sign up for a Rose Mamas Circle based on your due date. These professionally-led virtual monthly meetups will connect you to women due the same month you are while participating in wellness-focused conversations to support your emotional well-being during pregnancy and postpartum.

20 Weeks

Join us on Facebook Live for our monthly live, virtual tour with a Labor & Delivery nurse. In-person tours are not available due to COVID-19 visitor restrictions.

24 Weeks

Time to register for your childbirth/parenting education classes. We recommend completing all classes between 28 and 36 weeks.

Do you want a birth without interventions? Our facilities and staff are prepared to support you! Learn more about having a natural birth at Rose.

26 Weeks

Hey Dads, check out our new program just for you called Becoming Dads! Get prepared for the fatherhood journey through this special dads-only workshop and online community.

28 Weeks

Create your MyHealthONE patient portal account and pre-register for your upcoming stay at Rose.

Make a Your Rose Baby appointment for a private nurse consultation prior to delivery. Here, you can discuss birth hopes and ask questions about the labor and delivery experience.

32 Weeks

Schedule your car seat check with our certified car seat technician. To schedule, call (303) 320-2001; Press 6.

Life with Your Rose Baby!

Let Rose’s experts keep supporting you as you get used to life with your Rose Baby.

Access free lactation support

Get answers to your breastfeeding questions within 24 hours through our Lactation Helpline ((303) 320-2001, select Lactation), and/or attend our weekly breastfeeding support groups:

Connect with other new moms

If you haven’t already, join a Rose Mamas Circle based on your delivery date to connect with other new moms. These professionally-led virtual monthly meetups are offered through 6 months postpartum.

Experiencing the “baby blues” or possibly postpartum depression or anxiety?

You are not alone! Call your OB provider to talk about symptoms, treatment options and postpartum counseling options. Learn more about Rose’s counseling services for postpartum depression and anxiety.

Have some questions about your baby or the health of other children at home?

When the doctor’s office is closed, speak to a nurse at the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children First Call for Children resource line. Call (303) 320-2001, option 8.