HealthONE Launches CARE Pool

Clinical Assets Resourcing Excellence

The HealthONE system is proud to introduce our new CARE Pool, a system-wide clinical float pool which will help us meet the needs of patients across our system by increasing the amount of clinicians in our HealthONE family.

This pool will begin with RNs, and evolve over time to meet additional clinical needs, such as Certified Nursing Assistants and Sitters. Nurses in the CARE Pool will work at a variety of our facilities on various shifts, including weekends and holidays. This pool will provide additional flexibility to help with workload and staffing needs across our hospitals.

We are currently recruiting experienced nurses from outside HealthONE's system — with a minimum of two years' experience — in med/surg and all specialty areas to staff our CARE Pool.

Once we achieve the goal of adding staff to the HealthONE system, we will open these positions to existing staff.

As an existing HealthONE clinician, you are eligible for a referral bonus in exchange for your assistance in qualified candidates into our pool.

If you know a nurse who would be interested, please call (720) 975-CARE (2273) or email.