The Caring Model

  • Call our patient or customer by his or her preferred name.
    We recognize and respect the worth of the individual.
  • Introduce yourself to the patient and explain your role in his or her care today.
    We believe in and practice open communication.
  • Sit at the bedside for five minutes each shift to review care and desired outcomes.
    Every voice counts and everyone's input is valued.
  • Discuss procedures, progresses and services with our patient or customer that will occur to attain desired outcome.
    Every voice counts and everyone's input is valued.
  • Use touch appropriately: handshake, pat on the arm, eye contact, tone of voice and phone courtesy.
    We treat each other and those we serve with compassion and caring.

Exceptional Customer Service

  • Take the time to be polite and friendly. Break the ice, make eye contact, smile, say hello, introduce yourself, call people by name and extend a few words of concern.
  • Sound positive, be helpful and listen carefully when communicating in person or on the telephone.
  • Look your best everyday and wear your name tag so others can easily determine who you are and where you work.
  • Respect a patient's physical privacy and bubble of space and their personal confidentiality.
  • Show consideration for patients by keeping noise levels low and create a quiet healing environment.
  • Listen carefully and openly to customer concerns and complaints and initiate the "next steps" to solve a problem.