As a new graduate nurse, your career options are endless and getting the right start is essential. Your entry into the nursing profession through focused orientation and mentoring is vital as you begin your career. Let The Medical Center of Aurora/Centennial Medical Plaza provide you with the framework and support for a successful career now and in the future.

Nursing Residency Program Components

  • Individualized assessment with specific career counseling
  • Formal personalized orientation, up to 10 weeks, with trained, experienced preceptors
  • Orientation to partnering units for global understanding of the care continuum
  • Established ongoing support groups with clinical colleagues
  • Planned curriculums with direct bedside application
  • Clinical support from on-site educators and members of the medical staff
  • New Grad Residency Program mentor
  • Defined career pathways into specialty high-risk nursing areas (if desired)
  • Compensation at RN rate throughout the New Grad Nurse Residency Program

For more information, contact the Human Resources Department.