Enhancing Surgical Recovery

What is Enhanced Surgical Recovery?

At Rose, we are committed to regularly improving our procedures to keep patients safer, help them recover more quickly and get them back to the activities they love sooner.

That's why Rose now is using Enhanced Surgical Recovery (often known as ESR) protocols.

In the past, surgical standards included a preparation period of fasting, bed rest after surgery and opiate medication to manage pain. However, with much research, best practices have been developed that are different than the earlier standards. We refer to these as ESR protocols.

What is the benefit of Enhanced Surgical Recovery protocols?

Enhanced Surgical Recovery best practices have been shown to significantly reduce hospital stay, lessen the number of narcotics needed and minimize complications.

What are ESR Practices?

Our surgical standards include:

  • Pre-surgical education: Our team wants to partner with patients in their care. Prior to surgery, we will give patients and families education about the procedure as well as how post-operative expectations and plans.
  • Optimizing nutrition: This may include eating solid food up to eight (8) hours before surgery and drinking electrolyte-rich beverages and clear liquids, such as Gatorade, up to four (4) hours prior to surgery and/or eating and drinking as soon as possible after your procedure. This is in contrast to traditional pre-operative protocols that called for no food or drink after midnight the day before the procedure regardless of the time of surgery.
  • Pain management: Using a broad-spectrum of non-narcotic pain medications during and after surgery.
  • Active recovery: Patients are encouraged to get up and start walking within three (3) hours of surgery.
  • Follow up: This includes the medical team checking in on patients after they leave the hospital and helping to discuss any issues to avoid readmission.