Family Help Line at Sky Ridge

Patient safety is our number one value at Sky Ridge Medical Center, and that’s why we have created a special service for our patients and their families called the A-Team.

The A-Team system was created to give our patients and their families an extra “safety net” for emergencies or when a patient is not able to get the attention of a healthcare provider.

How the A-Team Works

Our team is comprised of a group of medical professionals who are immediately alerted upon a patient or family member’s call. This team arrives at the room, assesses the situation and calls in additional clinical support as needed.

We encourage patients or their loved loves to activate the A-Team if they:

  • Fear something is seriously wrong
  • Suspect that the patient’s condition “just isn’t right”
  • See the patient’s condition rapidly deteriorating

This is just one more way we are supporting your family while in our care.