For the case conference requests below, you will now need to fax your request into:

(720) 259-6928

  • Skin Cancer Conference (1st Tuesday each month, 7AM)
  • Lung Cancer Conference (Each Wednesday, 12:30PM)
  • General Tumor Conference (2nd / 4th Wednesday each month, 7AM)
  • Skull-based Tumor Conference (2nd/4th Friday each month, 7AM) – REQUEST MUST BE RECEIVED BY NOON ON THE WEDNESDAY BEFORE CONFERENCE

In your fax, please include:

Pt name and DOB

Requesting/ presenting physician/provider

Dates and locations of all radiology exams needed

Dates and locations of all pathology specimens needed

Other physicians/providers involved

Name and contact number of the person submitting the request

Diagnosis and Stage

Thank you!