The decision to activate the disaster response plan will be made by the ED physician, the Administrator on Call, and/or Charge Nurse/Nursing Supervisor. The Hospital's Incident Command System (ICS) will then be initiated. The President of the Medical Staff (or designee) will be contacted as a member of Incident Command Team and the Director of Medical Staff Office (MSO) (or designee) will serve as liaison with the Medical Staff. Once the level/type of emergency has been defined (depending upon the information available regarding the volumes and classifications of potential patients) the Medical Staff President and the MSO Director (or designee) will initiate a Call-Down procedure for the Medical Staff.

Medical Staff Role in a Disaster:

If you are at the hospital:

  • The Operators will overhead page for all physicians to report to the Medical Staff Office.
  • In the Medical Staff Office, physicians will be asked to sign-in and await further instructions in the Physician Lounge.
  • Depending on the particular disaster, physicians of certain specialties may be requested to provide assistance to various patient care units.
  • Medical Staff Leadership will become involved in managing Call-Down procedures as necessary.

If you are not at the hospital and you hear about incoming patients:

  • Do not call the hospital, as it is anticipated that the phone lines may already be overwhelmed.
  • You will be contacted by your Department or Section Chairman if your particular services are required.

Updated 5.16.06