Welcome to the Medical Staff at Swedish Medical Center!

You have just joined approximately 1,200 of the most respected physicians in the Denver area. The following information will be helpful to you as a new member of the Swedish Medical Staff.


You will need a photo name badge. Your name badge also will serve as your electronic access to physician parking and hospital side doors after hours. To obtain your name badge, please go to the Medical Staff Office (off the main lobby) between the hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.

Physician Lounge

Lunch is served in the main Physician Lounge (located on the first floor or the hospital) everyday from 11:00am - 1:00pm. Computers are located in the lounge, so you can obtain a listing of your patients. Information regarding educational conferences and Medical Staff meetings also is available in the lounge.

Hospital Computer System

Training and Access to the Hospital Computer System

Contact Ina Olsson at (303) 788-5633 or by e-mail at Ina.Olsson@HealthONEcares.com.

Dictation Information

Contact Eleanor Nunez at (303) 788-6240 or by e-mail at Eleanor.Nunez@HealthONEcares.com.

Timeliness of Medical Records

You are notified in writing regarding any medical records which need completion. Please alert your office to the importance of these notifications. Records are filed in numerical order, so call (303) 788-6074 to ask that your records be made ready for your completion.

Medical Staff Responsibilities

The following links will provide you with important information about your medical staff responsibilities, as well as the medical staff organization:

Swedish Medical Staff Update

The hospital publishes weekly news along with CE eligible journal articles from MedNews Plus. This medical staff update contains information about upcoming events and important news from around Swedish. Subscribe to the news updates

Wellness Center

A membership-based Wellness Center is located in the third-floor tunnel. The center offers a convenient location to work-out, participate in exercise classes and challenges and massage therapy. Call (303) 788-6837 for a massage schedule and to make an appointment.