Holly Anderson

Residency class of 2015-2016

Upon completion of Holly's PGY1 residency, she obtained an Advanced Clinical Pharmacist position for the surgery team at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in Portland, OR. Her primary practice units consist of trauma, general surgery, and neurosurgery, however the diverse patient population served at OHSU provides many opportunities to care for patients of varying disease states and acuity. My current job also includes serving as a primary preceptor for pharmacy students and residents. Working at an academic medical center also lends opportunities for teaching residents and students of all disciplines in the clinical setting which occurs regularly. Holly has been selected to sit on the residency advisory committee (RAC) this past year. She has also been added as a member to the pharmacy research committee at OHSU, which allows her to have continued involvement in research project selection and guidance for current pharmacy residents as well as serve as a research preceptor for ongoing residency research projects. Holly obtained BCPS in spring 2017 and recently published her first article in The Journal of Family Practice.

Michelle Maguire

Residency class of 2016-2017

Upon completion of Michelle's PGY1 residency, she obtained a PGY2 position at Massachusetts General Hospital specializing in emergency medicine where she accepted a position as an Emergency Medicine Pharmacist after residency. MGH is a level 1 trauma center in the heart of Boston and was ranked fourth in the nation by U.S News and World Report's list of top medical institutions. The emergency department supports 110,000 patients visits per year and is working towards 24/7 pharmacist coverage. She works closely with the Harvard associated emergency medical residents and medical residents in different specialties, and serves as a preceptor for pharmacy students rotating through the emergency department. She attends weekly toxicology conference at Boston Children's Hospital and take advantage of the many teaching opportunities offered at this large academic medical center.

Jenna Kolb

Residency class of 2017-2018

Lydia Diep

Residency class of 2018-2019

Upon completion of Lydia's PGY1 residency, she joined Swedish Medical Center as a staff clinical pharmacist. Her responsibilities include leading the Pain Committee in addition to serving as a member on the RAC Committee and the Efficiency Committee. Her primary practice consists of rotating between the critical care unit, decentralized pharmacy positions, and the IV room. She continues to participate in research focusing on the trauma, burn, and critical care populations in addition to precepting students.

Cheyenne Beene

Residency class of 2020-2021

Upon completion of her PGY1 residency, Cheyenne accepted a PGY2 Emergency Medicine residency at SwedishAmerican Hospital in Rockford, IL. SwedishAmerican is a level II trauma center and services around 80,000 patients annually. During her residency, she will be working closely with ED healthcare team members, EMS personnel, PGY1 residents, and students from multiple colleges of pharmacy. Cheyenne’s current interests include ACLS, post ACLS care, toxicology, infectious disease, and precepting. After PGY2 completion, she hopes to accept and EM position at a hospital that will allow her to continue to work with students and become involved with a residency program.