Pastoral Care at Swedish

Specially trained chaplains are available at Swedish to help care for our patients' spiritual and emotional needs, and to support you and your loved ones. Patients and their families are welcome to contact a chaplain for a variety of services (see below). A chaplain is available at all times for emergency needs and your nurse can contact the on-call chaplain as needed.

To reach the pastoral care department from 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday through Friday, please call (303) 788-6232 (from an outside phone) or ext. 6232 (from any hospital phone). After 4:00pm Monday through Friday and on weekends and holidays, please dial "0" (from any hospital phone) or (303) 788-5000 (from an outside phone) to reach the hospital operator and request the "on-call chaplain."

Chaplain Services

  • Listens, assesses, and supports spiritual and emotional needs
  • Supports those with anxiety, fear, grief, etc.
  • Sorts out issues when you need to make important decisions about treatment and/or Advance Directives
  • Provides consideration and support around quality of life
  • Contacts your own clergy or spiritual leader
  • Assists patients from all faith, in accessing sacraments or rituals that are part of their faith practices
  • Provides religious resources: Bibles, rosaries, devotionals, and topical CareNotes
  • Offers consolation when you are grieving a loss; supports in saying good-bye to your loved one
  • Assists in making arrangements after a death
  • Directs patients and visitors to local Sunday and weekday worship services

Chaplain Volunteer Program

Do you have a heart to serve others during a crisis situation? If so, consider becoming a Chaplain volunteer. At Swedish, our chaplaincy team works directly with patients and their families dealing with life-altering situations and diagnoses. They are here to provide support, comfort and faith during these difficult and stressful times. We are looking for Chaplain volunteers who are willing to do routine visits and respond to emergencies when needed. This position is primarily for weekday evenings, beginning at 4:00pm and volunteers are on-call overnight for emergencies. Candidates must be able to volunteer at least once a month and there is no limit to how many times a month one can sign up. To apply, please contact Director of Pastoral Care Rev. Gina Graves.