Most patients are at a higher risk to fall in the hospital because you are in a weakened condition due to injury or illness-and you are in unfamiliar surroundings.

Falls also can happen as a result of medications such as tranquilizers, sleeping tablets, pain relievers, blood pressure pills or diuretics. They may make you dizzy and disoriented.

As a result, we ask that you take extra care and precaution when getting in and out of bed or moving throughout your room or other areas of the hospital.

A few suggestions to keep in mind include:

  • Do not get in or out of bed by yourself unless you have been given permission to do so. Ask your nurse to help you.
  • When you need assistance, use the call light by your bed or in the bathroom.
  • Walk slowly and carefully when out of bed.
  • Do not lean or support yourself on rolling objects such as I.V. poles or your bedside table.
  • Do not get in or out of a wheelchair, or on or off a stretcher by yourself.
  • Please use the handrails in the bathrooms and hallways.
  • If the side rails of your bed are up, they are there for your protection.
  • Patients and visitors are required to wear shoes or other protective footwear when walking in the hospital. We recommend rubber or crepe-soled slippers or shoes. If you do not have any, please check with your nurse.