Wristband Identification

One of the most important tools we use to ensure patient safety is the identification wrist band you receive when you are admitted to the hospital. This ID band provides positive identification to all those who serve you and should be worn at all times during your stay at Swedish. If you notice any incorrect information on your wristband, please notify a nurse, physician or other healthcare provider immediately.

Color-Coded Patient Armbands

Swedish is participating in a statewide initiative to standardize the use of specific "color-coded" patient armbands. These armbands are used to alert all medical professionals to specific patient needs, statuses or restrictions, including allergy, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders and fall risk alerts. The specific color-coding system is as follows:

Color Meaning
Blue Blood Bank
Pink Restricted extremity (identifies extremities that should not be used for venipuncture/IV access)
Red Allergies
Yellow Fall Risk
Green Latex allergy
Purple DNR