We have financial counselors on hand to evaluate your eligibility for various Local and State Programs, including County Assistance and Medicaid. We're pleased to provide information to consumers related to the financial side of your healthcare needs.


All self pay patients, excluding those receiving elective cosmetic procedures, hospital designated self pay flat rate procedures, and scheduled/discounted procedures for International Patients, will receive a managed care like discount, referred to as an "uninsured discount".

The Uninsured Discount is limited to patients who have no third party payer source of payment or do not qualify for Medicaid, Charity or any other discount program the facility offers. The amount of the discount offered may vary by location based on state requirements, patient income levels and local rates.

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Charity Care

Financial assistance may be available to patients who do not qualify for state or federal assistance and are unable to establish partial payments or pay their balance that have received non-elective care. In most cases, patients that fall between 0 - 200% of the Federal Poverty Levels based on total household income, with sufficient supporting documentation provided by the patient, will have a 100% Charity discount processed.