The multi-disciplinary heart team at Rocky Mountain Heart Rhythm Institute (RMHRI) is a pioneering force in the use of the Convergent Procedure as a method to treat persistent forms of atrial fibrillation (AFib).

For patients with AFib, a condition that causes irregular heartbeats in patients, the Convergent Procedure serves as a minimally invasive, hybrid catheter approach to ablate both the posterior wall and pulmonary veins of the left atrium.

How Does the Convergent Procedure Work?

The Convergent Procedure is a special, safer hybrid approach to treating persistent forms of AFib without requiring chest incisions. A scope inserted through a small incision in the abdomen is used to ablate the back wall of the left atrium to cease electrical conduction from the area. An electrophysiologist then conducts a cryoballoon ablation on the pulmonary veins of the left atrium through a standard catheter approach fed through the patient’s groin to eliminate AFib triggers.

A collaborative effort between our cardiothoracic surgeons and electrophysiologists, the Convergent Procedure combines ablation performed on the back wall of the heart’s left atrium by a surgeon, with a cryoballoon ablation on the inside of the heart, performed by an electrophysiologist. A thoughtful targeting of persistent AFib triggers on the back wall and in the pulmonary veins of the left atrium targets the important and active areas of the heart responsible for the patient’s persistent AFib. This produces truly impressive results for types of AFib thought previously untreatable.

Why the Convergent Procedure?

The Convergent Procedure is the most successful procedure for patients with persistent AFib. Perfectly suited for patients with persistent, long-standing AFib who have never had any previous ablation procedures, patients who have undergone failed ablations and patients who have been told their AFib cannot be fixed, the Convergent Procedure is revolutionizing the treatment of persistent AFib.

A procedure that, unlike other forms of hybrid ablation, is performed in one sitting, the Convergent Procedure is not only safer, but is more effective than other hybrid ablation procedures. Having been performed over 4,500 times around the world and with two to three year durable success rates showing between 80 and 85 percent published in numerous scientific journals, the Convergent Procedure is an overwhelmingly qualified option for patients with persistent AFib.

The Convergent Procedure team at Rocky Mountain Heart Rhythm Institute has played an integral role in the development of this procedure. RMHRI is both the only facility in Colorado and west of Texas equipped with the tools and physicians to perform the Convergent Procedure. Our cardiothoracic surgeons and electrophysiologists are the some of the best in the world at performing this hybrid procedure to effectively treat persistent AFib.

To learn more about the Convergent Procedure and our RMHRI team, call (720) 460-2566 for more information or to schedule an appointment.