HealthONE operates 30 outpatient imaging centers in the Denver metro area and Castle Rock. Many locations offer same-day or after-hours scheduling for added convenience. At our clinics and hospitals, you can count on quick, precise and accurate results from our dedicated teams of imaging specialists and radiologists. Our board-certified radiologists are fellowship-trained in bone and joint, neurologic, body, breast and interventional radiology.

As a trusted provider of outpatient imaging services, all of HealthONE’s Colorado imaging facilities have received accreditation from either The Joint Commission or the American College of Radiology.

When you need a diagnostic imaging or screening test, you deserve an imaging center that is convenient, comfortable and safe. You can trust HealthONE to provide a patient-friendly environment for all your imaging needs. If you choose one of our hospitals or outpatient imagining centers, your medical records will be easily accessible for any physician across the HealthONE system, eliminating time consuming paper work.

Advanced procedures and imaging technology

Your safety is the most important consideration when performing imaging procedures. Our radiologists in Denver aim to minimize your exposure to radiation whenever possible. We first consider all alternative tests, while still maintaining a focus on quick and accurate results.

In cases where radiation procedures are necessary, HealthONE imaging centers offer leading imaging technology that provides the highest quality image using the lowest level of radiation.

Benefits of screenings

An MRI or a CT scan can potentially catch cancers in their early stages, making the cancer more treatable than if diagnosed at the later stages. Receiving a low-dose CT lung screening, for example, can help detect lung cancer before it becomes unmanageable.

X-rays and ultrasounds can be used to diagnose conditions from broken bones to breast cancer. Women who are pregnant can also visit our outpatient imaging centers in the metro Denver area.

Diagnostic imaging services

Our radiology departments in Denver provide a variety of diagnostic imaging operations on an inpatient and outpatient basis. These tests include

  • MRI
  • CT scan
  • PET scan
  • X-ray
  • Ultrasound

Pediatric imaging services

HealthONE has a safe imaging environment to ensure your child’s specific needs are met. Whenever possible, alternative tests are used to diagnose and find the best treatment plan for children in our care.

In cases where an imaging test is necessary, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children uses the Aquilion ONE CT, a machine that provides fast, high quality CT scans with less radiation, contrast dye and anesthesia, making it a safe option for children. As a leading provider of pediatric care, RMHC’s imaging center is the only facility in Colorado with an Aquilion ONE CT machine.