Should I go to the emergency room for stomach pain?

Everyone experiences occasional stomach pain, but how do you know whether it’s just the taco you ate for dinner or if something is seriously wrong? When is your pain or discomfort enough to warrant a visit to the nearest emergency room?

There are many causes for stomach pain that may warrant a trip to an emergency room, including appendicitis, gallstones and even gastrointestinal cancer. So don’t ignore your gut, get to the nearest emergency room if you or a loved one are having severe abdominal pain.

Stomach pain symptoms you can’t ignore

Abdominal pain alone isn’t a good enough reason to go to the emergency room, but if it is paired with other symptoms, it should be examined by a healthcare professional at your local emergency room.

Symptoms worthy of trip to the ER include:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Blood or black stool
  • Vomiting blood
  • High fever
  • Tenderness to touch
  • Sharp, sudden abdominal pain

Additional considerations

If you have recently had an endoscopy or a gastric bypass surgery and have abdominal pain, please visit the closest emergency room for evaluation.

Similarly, women who have abdominal pain during pregnancy should seek treatment at an ER, especially if spotting or bleeding occurs.

Emergency rooms in Denver

If you or a loved one is experiencing severe abdominal issues you should immediately go to your nearest emergency room, or call 911 for proper care. An ER doctor will be able to diagnose the cause for any stomach pain and provide the correct treatment. With 13 full-service emergency rooms in Denver, expert care during a medical emergency is never far away.