Why choose a HealthONE ER for orthopedic emergencies?

Accidents and injuries happen every day, with little warning and varying severity. At HealthONE’s family of hospitals in Denver, the orthopedic trauma experts in our emergency rooms have seen it all. We know Colorado’s great outdoors promote an active lifestyle, and because we have 13 convenient ERs across the metro Denver area, excellent emergency room care is never far away when accidents happen.

From broken bones to ACL tears, you can trust the orthopedic trauma specialists at HealthONE’s ERs to treat you or a loved one during an emergency.

When should I go to the closest emergency room?

Simply put, orthopedic emergencies consist of injuries requiring medical attention by an orthopedic specialist. The severity of injury can range from a MLC tear while playing soccer to a catastrophic motorcycle accident on the freeway.

You know how to handle minor scrapes and bruises at home and you know you need to go to the closest ER when you experience the symptoms closely associated with a stroke, but some injuries fall into a grey category where the answer may not be immediately apparent. When in doubt, it’s always safer to seek out the closest emergency room.

If you have been involved in a serious accident and think you need immediate medical attention, call 911 or go to the closest ER.

Some of the most common injuries that need to be treated at an ER include:

Head injuries

Head injuries that result in loss of consciousness or severe neck pain should be checked out by a doctor in the ER. Even fainting or passing out from standing can lead to serious head trauma. If you are in a car accident and hit your head on the door or steering wheel, you could have orbital bone fractures or damage to your neck. When it comes head injuries, taking extra caution is highly encouraged.

Broken bones

Broken bones are normally marked by intense pain and complete loss of functionality, depending on the affected area. If you notice a limb or joint that is drastically distorted and can’t bear weight, chances are it is a broken bone and needs immediate medical attention. Additionally, if you notice a bone protruding out of the skin, call 911 immediately.

Ligament tears

If you have a tearing or popping sensation in any of your joints, you may have a ligament tear which needs to be treated by an orthopedic specialist in an emergency room. Some of the most common forms of ligament tears include ACL, MCL or rotator cuff tears. You will also notice swelling in the affected area and inability to move the joint.

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