What is the HealthONE Virtual Network Program?

HealthONE Virtual Network, the Collaborative Digital Online Consultant, is an innovative program that uses proven telemedicine technology to bring the best of healthcare to communities that need 24/7 access to specialists, but do not have local resources due to location and/or other factors. Through the HealthONE Virtual Network, providers can be joined remotely to any hospital in four-state region by a site-independent, internet-based, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine system, which allows real-time, fully interactive acute consultations. The HealthONE Virtual Network is a joint effort between HealthONE facilities and its specialty physicians, including Swedish Medical Center, and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, with additional support services provided through AirLife.

HealthONE Virtual Network Service Lines

Why is the HealthONE Virtual Network needed? How does it benefit people in our region?

The goal of this innovative program is to bring the best of acute diagnosis and treatment recommendations to communities that often can’t sustain specialty care physicians and the resources to provide the most advanced medical treatments. The HealthONE Virtual Network provides remote guidance and support to local physicians, on an as-needed basis. As a result, many patients who would otherwise be transferred to larger hospitals for care are able to remain in their home facility.

The viability and importance of the HealthONE Virtual Network is evidenced by the success of its stroke program. By the end of December, 2014, over 4,000 stroke telemedicine consults had been conducted with our network partners. Of those, 785 patients were deemed eligible for t-PA, the only clot-dissolving drug proven highly-effective at helping people experiencing strokes. This translates to a 20% treatment rate for the clot‑busting therapy - an approximately four-fold increase over the national rate. 59% of rural patients treated tele-medically stay in their local hospital as well as 87% of urban and suburban patients, rather than being transferred to another facility.

How does the HealthONE Virtual Network function?

HealthONE Virtual Network’s instant connection to specialty physicians at Swedish Medical Center and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, allows patients to be examined and diagnosed, even hundreds of miles away. HealthONE Virtual Network’s telemedicine systems involve the installation of a video-enabled examination system in Emergency Departments and ICU’s of the remote hospital and a wireless laptop or desktop that resides with an on-call physician.

The HealthONE Virtual Network delivers smooth video from any internet connection, dramatic zoom capabilities, and real-time communications with perfect audio and video synchronization. The patient and physicians both have two-way video and audio for a more accurate and personal experience. The technology becomes a tool and “melts away” during these emergent consults so patients are receiving the best care possible.

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