HealthONE is Denver’s largest and most comprehensive network of cardiovascular services. Our multiple hospital locations across the Denver metro area allow us to serve many local communities and provide access to quality healthcare no matter where you live and work.

Why choose a HealthONE hospital for heart care?

The cardiologists and heart surgeons at our Denver hospitals and clinics are some of the finest in the state, performing complex heart procedures with the most advanced technology and techniques. When they are able, our cardiology team uses minimally invasive technologies to complete angioplasties, stenting and other heart procedures. These technologies allow you to recover quicker and with less risk of surgical complications.

HealthONE’s award-winning cardiologists treat thousands of heart failure patients each year, and our surgeons perform more than 500 open heart surgeries annually. Our cardiac catheterization suites are among the most technologically advanced in Colorado.

Vascular Care

The vascular surgeons of HealthONE are well versed in all types of care ranging from common conditions to rare disorders of the vascular system. Vascular programs are offered at throughout our system of care at all six hospital locations across the Denver metro.

Accredited chest pain centers in Denver

Six HealthONE hospitals have earned accreditation for their chest pain program, signifying they meet the highest standards for equality, safety, precision and efficiency. This distinction reaffirms that HealthONE systematically reduces the time between chest pain recognition and treatment during the critical early stages of a heart attack.

These facilities include:

Pediatric cardiology at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

Rocky Mountain Children’s Hospital has board-certified pediatric who specialize in taking care of children, even at the earliest stages of life. HealthONE’s neonatal heart doctors evaluate high-risk babies who have mothers with genetic conditions that could hamper their child’s heart development.

Our pediatric cardiologists also treat children from birth to adolescence. As a parent, you can confidently turn to the pediatric cardiologists and cardiac surgeons affiliated with Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children for comprehensive diagnosis, correction, treatment and management of your child’s heart conditions and blood vessel anomalies.

Rocky Mountain Heart Rhythm Institute

Rocky Mountain Heart Rhythm Institute, part of the HealthONE network in Denver, specializes in treating patients with cardiac arrhythmias. Our cardiologists, arrhythmia specialists and heart surgeons are involved and committed to pioneering new minimally invasive approaches and procedures to correct heart arrhythmias. These specialized cardiologists are located at The Medical Center of Aurora, Rose Medical Center and Swedish Medical Center.

Conditions we treat

With a robust cardiology department, the most advanced treatments and convenient locations across the city, it’s no surprise HealthONE is the preferred organization for heart and vascular care in Denver.

Some of the conditions our cardiologists treat include:

Are you at risk for heart disease?

Heart disease strikes someone in the U.S. every 34 seconds and claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined. Find a cardiologist in Denver today!