Injury Prevention for Our Community

HealthONE hospitals in the Denver Metro area are committed to keeping our communities injury free. We believe strongly in injury prevention. More people ages 1-44 die from injuries than from any other cause, including cancer and heart disease ( In the Denver Metro area, the highest risk areas for injuries are falls in the older adult 65+ years and motor vehicle crashes for ages 5-24 years old. Alcohol and drug use is a leading contributor to injury death as well.

Injuries are very common but most of them are preventable. Our mission is to prevent unintentional injuries from happening in all ages of life and preserve quality of life. Unintentional injuries include those that result from motor vehicle collisions, falls, poisonings, drowning, and recreational and sports-related activities. Let us help you remain injury free!

Interested in a certain risk area? Click on the risk area to find out more information.