Insurance covers this screening.

Sarah Cannon, the HealthONE family of hospitals and Invision Sally Jobe have teamed up to offer low-dose CT lung screenings to help detect lung cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 2,500 new lung cancer cases will be diagnosed in Colorado this year. And not all of them are smokers. Lung screening has been proven successful in diagnosing lung cancer earlier, when lung cancer can be more effectively treated. Know your risk.

Are you eligible for screening?

If you are 55 to 77-years-old and have smoked at least 30 pack-years, you are eligible for screening — even if you quit during the past 15 years. (Calculate pack years by multiplying the number of packs smoked per day by the number of years smoked.) Those with current lung cancer symptoms are not eligible.

How does the program work?

Call HealthONE at (720) 282-8888 to answer a few questions. Then, based on eligibility, you’ll be connected to a Lung Nurse Navigator who will help you through the screening site that is most convenient to your work or home — as well as get the required physician order. The Nurse Navigator will contact both you and your doctor with results and coordinate any necessary follow-up care. Insurance covers this screening.

Where are the screening sites?

Lung screenings are offered at a network of outpatient imaging centers throughout the metro area. Call HealthONE at (720) 282-8888 to confirm your eligibility and for your nearest screening location.

Why choose HealthONE?

Lung screening is part of HealthONE’s multidisciplinary lung health program. Our physicians work together to provide coordinated, advanced care following national guidelines. Nurse navigators support patients throughout the entire experience and ensure patients receive the follow-up they need.