Orthopedics: Denver HealthONE Team

Our Denver sports medicine and orthopedic teams make it a point to offer the most advanced orthopedic treatments and minimally invasive surgeries. That leads to better outcomes and faster recovery for our patients. When an injury or osteoarthritis derails your active lifestyle, the last thing you want to do is sit on the sidelines while trying to find the right doctor and treatment plan.

A Focus On Patient Care and Excellence

When it comes to high quality surgeons in orthopedics, Denver is home to some of the best in their field and many of them can be found in the HealthONE orthopedics system of care. Through a commitment to continuous learning and enhancing our techniques, we’re proud to say our surgeries have lower complication rates than the US average. It’s this dedication to excellence that drives us to deliver exceptional care and outcomes to our patients. HealthONE has raised the bar on Denver sports medicine and orthopedic care in our community.

More Living, Less Down Time With Our Orthopedic Solutions

At HealthONE, we know that the quality of your life can be adversely affected by an injury or a chronic pain condition. With that in mind, we seek new ways to help our patients get the treatments they need while getting back to enjoying life as quickly as possible.

Our Sky Ridge Medical Center was the first hospital in the state to perform MAKOplasty, a minimally invasive surgery that partially resurfaces the knee using the RIO robotic arm interactive orthopedic system. This treatment for early to mid-stage osteoarthritis offers a consistently precise result and the recovery time is much shorter than traditional knee replacement surgery. Renewed mobility is like having a new lease on life and with a procedure like MAKOplasty, we can achieve our goal of providing excellent care with less recovery time.

Your Partners in Performance: Find an Orthopedic Specialist at HealthONE

If you are suffering from a sports related injury or have chronic joint pain, the Denver sports medicine facilities in the HealthONE system should be your first stop. For the best in orthopedics, Denver turns to our teams for one simple reason: Our goal is to get your back in the game as quickly as possible. For sports medicine and orthopedics, Denver and HealthONE have set the standard for care. Call for a consultation or find a physician online today. Or take the first step to a new you by registering for one of our free seminars.