If you're considering surgery, you now have greater access to the most advanced minimally invasive procedures in Colorado. HealthONE is proud to offer more centers, more surgeons and more procedures than any other hospital system in the state.

The use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, including the Da Vinci® robotic surgery system, reduces risk of complications and recovery time after the operation. Many common procedures, like a hysterectomy or a hernia surgery, are done using robotic surgery. 

Where can I have a robotic surgery operation?

With hospitals across the greater Denver area, HealthONE offers access to robotic surgery in your neighborhood. We have recently expanded our robotic surgery program, giving you greater access to the most advanced surgical instruments in the state. Currently we offer robotic surgery at:

Together, our robotic surgery locations form the Colorado Center for Robotic Surgery.

Minimally invasive surgery for children

Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children Hospital offers minimally invasive pediatric surgery program so kids can be kids again soon after surgery. Our pediatric surgeons are experts in reducing pain, lowering risk of complications during surgery and comforting your child before and after their surgery.

Why use robotic surgery?

Robotic surgery combines the human touch of highly trained surgeons with the precision of today’s most advanced technologies. Through the da Vinci robotic system, patients at the Colorado Center for Robotic Surgery experience:

  • Less blood loss
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Faster return to activity
  • Less scarring
  • Greater sparing of nerves

Robotic surgery procedures our Denver hospitals offer include:

Patient testimonial

To find out if you may be a candidate for this exciting surgical advancement, talk to your doctor about da Vinci robotic surgery options. That’s what Gwen did.

“Talking to other people, it just seems that da Vinci surgery is so much easier than traditional surgery,” Gwen, a HealthONE hospital patient, says.

“When the doctors told me it was an option, much less invasive and with the faster healing time, I was happy to take advantage of it. I was so pleased with the whole experience. The doctors and the staff were wonderful, and I didn’t need any prescription drugs or narcotics during my recovery.”

Gwen received six small incisions and was up and walking the same afternoon of her surgery. In fact, she was able to shower and go home the next day. Now, she doesn’t hesitate to tell everyone about her experience with da Vinci. “I’m so glad I had faith in the robot!” she says.