Cancer Drug Development Unit

1800 Williams Street, Suite 300
Denver, CO 80218 | Fax: 720-754-2659


Sarah Cannon Research Institute Cancer Drug Development Unit is located near Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Sarah Cannon Research Institute at HealthONE conducts innovative cancer clinical trials, bringing patients in the region access to the latest treatments. Sarah Cannon Research Institute is directed by Gerald Falchook, M.D. His research has been published extensively in peer-reviewed journals. In its first four years, the program already has treated more than 450 patients on more than 45 different trials.

Gastrointestinal Cancers and Sarcoma

Shiraj Sen, M.D., Ph.D. is the associate director fo th program and focuses on gastrointestinal cancers and sarcoma. Dr. Sen recently completed his oncology training in 2018 at MD Anderson Cancer Center, where his research focused on overcoming resistance to targeted therapy, optimizing patient selection for immunotherapy phase 1 trials, and drug development for sarcomas and gastrointestinal cancers. Dr. Sen already has more than 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals and more than 20 presentations at national and international conferences.

Genitourinary Cancers

Manojkumar Bupathi, MD, MS completed his oncology fellowship at Ohio State University, as well as a phase 1 clinical trials fellowship at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He has published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals and has presented his research at national and international meetings. Dr. Bupathi specializes in genitourinary cancers, and he oversees the treatment of patients with prostate, kidney, bladder, and other genitourinary malignancies on clinical trials.

Glioblastoma and Other Primary CNS Malignancies

Michael Pearlman, MD, PhD earned his medical degree from the University Of Colorado School Of Medicine and Ph.D. in Cancer Pharmacology from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. He has conducted clinical research in pediatric epilepsy, specifically using magnetoencephalography to localize seizure foci. He completed fellowships in clinical research and neurology/oncology and has published multiple papers in magnetoencephalography, neuro-oncology and pharmacology. With over 14 years of postgraduate training, he brings extensive clinical and research experience in translational medicine to his field.

Sarah Cannon Research Institute

Sarah Cannon Research Institute at HealthONE is part of a larger research network, with affiliations with hospitals and physicians in the United States and United Kingdom.

Sarah Cannon has been a clinical trial leader in the majority of approved cancer therapies over the last 10 years. 

Sarah Cannon Research Institute at HealthONE hospitals, physicians and staff, along with the Sarah Cannon team enhance cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and patient-focused services for our patients.