The HealthONE Stroke AlertSM program originated at The Medical Center of Aurora, modeled after the hospital's successful Cardiac Alert® Program.

Both programs aim to provide better care to stroke and cardiac patients with life-threatening emergencies.

Aiming to further expedite care to stroke patients across the HealthONE system of hospitals, HealthONE implemented the Stroke Alert Program that notifies all the team members needed for stroke patient care at the first warning of a patient’s pending arrival.

Stroke Alert starts at home when the patient calls 9-1-1.

  • Once hospital dispatch is informed — often by a savvy spouse or specially trained EMS responder — that a suspected stroke patient is on the way, a page goes out to the designated stroke team, including the neurologist, the CT scan technicians and the lab personnel, who assure the scanning room is readied for the patient's arrival.
  • Medical teams only have three hours to administer tPA, a powerful clot buster that can be administered intravenously or through a catheter targeting the blocked artery, reversing the course of the stroke and preventing permanent damage.

Swedish Medical Center, which was the first hospital in the region to earn the Joint Commission's designation as a Primary Certified Stroke Center, and repeatedly recognized for its excellence in stroke care, also conducts numerous trials to help improve the outcome of those who make it to the hospital many hours after the stroke.