The leading stroke centers in Denver

From diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and recovery, conditions of the brain and spine require special care. When you choose a HealthONE hospital for neurology services, you can be confident that you will receive the best possible treatment from the most trusted neurology department in Denver. Our experienced neurosurgeons, neurologists and neuroscientists have specialized expertise in neurosurgery and spine surgery, including the most advanced minimally invasive neurosurgery techniques.

Our neurology departments offer acute stroke care and stroke rehabilitation, treating more stroke patients than any other health system in Colorado. The Stroke Experts Others Turn To

Why choose a HealthONE hospital for stroke treatment?

HealthONE’s network of care connects the region’s foremost stroke experts and primary stroke centers with facilities across the state, providing care for more patients in more places, with a strong focus on starting treatment as fast as possible. Our network of Denver hospitals offers the most comprehensive stroke care in Denver. The HealthONE stroke care network features: 14 neurovascular neurosurgeons, making us the leader of neurosurgery in Colorado. One of hospitals, Swedish Medical Center, is renowned for stroke care and treats nearly three times more stroke patients than any other hospital in Colorado.

An interdisciplinary team of physicians who weigh traditional approaches and less-invasive approaches for the best outcomes for stroke patients creates patient treatment plans.

HealthONE: The Stroke Experts Others Turn To

  • Patients with neurological issues related to stroke are always evaluated by attending neurological experts
  • With over 20 ongoing trials, we are using state-of-the-art techniques to help the stroke victims of today become the survivors of tomorrow
  • Our stroke teams have proven track records of administering the tPA clot-busting drug quicker than any other hospitals in the region, and can quickly pursue further transport and treatment should it become necessary.
  • We boast the shortest “door-to-needle” times in the region with Swedish leading the way at 23.5 minutes

For more information on our HealthONE stroke treatment programs, please call (303) 788-4223 to reach a stroke nurse practitioner between 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Airlife Denver

We also offer Airlife Denver, which provides critical care air and ground transportation across a 10-state region. With 24/7 intra-arterial treatment at Swedish and advanced imaging capabilities available across all hospitals, and more advanced stroke services an airlift or ambulance away at Swedish Medical Center, we have your patient covered.

Stroke rehabilitation in Denver

HealthONE’s brain injury and stroke rehabilitation programs at Swedish Medical Center and Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital offer a full range of inpatient and outpatient treatment options to help you regain your independence. Both of these programs are Joint Commission-certified Primary Stroke Centers.

Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital is one of the top Denver stroke rehabilitation centers. The highly trained physicians, nurses and therapists offer a full range of inpatient and outpatient treatment to help stroke patients become as independent as possible and attain the best possible quality of life. Our therapists specialize in physical, psychological, occupational, speech and cognitive rehabilitation.

Saving lives through telemedicine

Our network of care extends even further with the use of telemedicine technology for stroke patients. Our telemedicine program, HealthONE Virtual Network, is currently Colorado’s most expansive telemedicine network. Stroke neurologists provide immediate care to patients in remote locations through a network of more than 15 telemedicine cameras across Colorado. HealthONE stroke care is the Rocky Mountain region's only network offering 24/7 board-certified neurologists for immediate evaluation.

When you arrive at a facility equipped with telemedicine technology, physicians can quickly reach a neurologist at one of our stroke centers, who can interact with you to make a rapid diagnosis. The ability to quickly get an accurate diagnosis can be the difference between life and death.

HealthONE stroke experts and ER doctors work together to treat the patient. The telemedicine program has served more than 800 patients from outside the metro Denver area in its first four years. These patients otherwise would not have essential access to stroke and neurology specialists. Today, HealthONE continues to expand telemedicine sites into other areas of the Rocky Mountain region.