Quality of Life and Long-term Disability are two of the most important issues stroke survivors face. The physical, emotional, financial, and mental tolls can be quite significant, for both patients and their caregivers. And how patients and caregivers deal with these issues can play an important role in the overall healing process.

Stroke Support Groups

That is why the HealthONE Stroke Network's primary stroke centers offer support groups for patients and caregivers. In fact, there is growing scientific evidence demonstrating the importance support groups in a patient's recovery, and in a caregiver's ability to cope.

Support groups foster positive physical and emotional healing through peer support by offering a social setting for patients and caregivers to interact and share experiences. Together, they explore challenges in communication, patient independence, role changes for caregivers and stroke survivors, and the importance of having strong a social support network.

In addition, stroke support groups provide education on such topics as:

  • Health
  • Nutrition
  • Activity
  • Community Resources for Stroke Survivors and Caregivers

Find a Stroke Support Group that Right for You

All sessions are free of charge. Support groups are available for both:

  • Newly Diagnosed Stroke Survivors
  • Long-term Stroke Survivors: 

Support Group Details for Newly Diagnosed Stroke Survivors:

Support Group Details for Long-term Stroke Survivors: