HealthONE: The Experts Others Turn To

HealthONE is the Rocky Mountains Region leader in stroke care capabilities, research and physician expertise.

Swedish Medical Center is one of three Comprehensive Stroke Centers in Colorado, and serves as the hub to numerous HealthONE hospital programs that extend out through the Denver Metro Area.

Patients with neurological issues related to strokes are always evaluated by attending neurologic experts.

With over 20 ongoing trials, we are using state-of-the-art techniques to help the stroke victims of today become the survivors of tomorrow.

The surgeons, neuropathologists and stroke care team at HealthONE's Denver-area hospitals are the region's most experienced at providing measured response to emergency stroke care.

Our stroke teams have proven track records of administering and tPA clot-busting drug quicker than any other hospitals in the region, and can quickly pursue further transport and treatment should it become necessary.

We have the shortest "door-to-needle" times in the region, with Swedish leading the way at 23.5 minutes.

For more information on our HealthONE stroke treatment programs, please call 303-788-4223 to reach a stroke nurse practitioner between 8am and 5pm.

We also offer AIRLIFE DENVER, which provides critical care air and ground transportation across a 10 state region. With 24/7 intra-arterial treatment at Swedish and advanced imaging capabilities available across all hospitals, and more advanced stroke services an airlift or ambulance away at Swedish Medical Center, we have your patient covered.