• Heidi made our birth experience incredible!



    I really wanted to have a non-medicated labor and was just about ready to give up when she walked in the door. I was at my breaking point and truly believed I could not go on, and then she walked in and I immediately felt strength to continue.

  • Liz was AMAZING



    She went above and beyond after my delivery when we had complications with the placenta. She literally stood by my side, held my hand, and coached me through the ongoing painful removal of my placenta.

  • Ray Merenstein

    Ray Merenstein experienced chest pain walking around downtown Denver on the eve of his wife's 50th birthday party.

  • Paul Bakanowski

    cabg , cardiac , cardiovascularc , heart , rose


    Paul Bakanowski went in for a regular physical with his primary care physician, expecting nothing out of the ordinary, only to disover a significant blockage in the "widow maker," the left atrial artery of his heart.

  • Pamela Lundeen

    Bariatrics patient Pamela Lundeen discusses how weight loss (bariatric) surgery has changed her life.

  • Meg Tobler

    Meg Tobler experienced an urgent gynecologic concern and turned to her gynecologist, Jennifer Guggenheim, MD.

  • Maaco Ting-Stoffregen


    Maaco shares her story and encourages young women to pay attention to their bodies.

  • Dani Morello


    Dani shares how important her nurse navigator was in her journey from diagnosis through treatment and into survivorship.

  • Mandy Lovisone


  • Mandy Wolz


  • Grateful Patient


    I was called back after a routine mammogram. The results of the second mammogram confirmed that I had microcalcifications in the milk duct.

  • James Johnson


    When a piercing abdominal pain doubled over James Johnson in November 2018, the 50-year-old Centennial resident headed to the emergency department at Sky Ridge Medical Center.

  • Trevor Tate


    On New Year's Eve, Trevor Tate suffered a truamtic injury from setting off fireworks. The team at Swedish was able to save and reconstruct his hand.

  • Julia Neumeier

    The 78-year-old Aurora resident tries to keep her high blood pressure in check by exercising, eating healthy and taking prescribed medications. Despite these efforts, she’s had three strokes in the last five years.

  • Frances Mackey



    "I returned to work only 8 weeks after my stroke." Frances Mackey suffered a stroke in Spearfish, SD, a Swedish Medical Center telestroke site. Swedish stroke neurologists used telemedicine technology to evaluate her immediately. Frances was airlifted to Swedish Medical Center to receive a higher level of care.

  • Herb Myers

    Herb was in total denial at age 37 when he had his first heart attack. He experienced signs of a heart attack – sensation of severe heartburn and pain in his arms and jaw, while having breakfast with his 7-year-old son. For a few weeks prior, he had had sensations of bad heartburn.

  • Rosalie Jacobs

    Rosalie Jacobs is alive today primarily because of her ability to listen. She was home alone when suddenly she felt a strong sense of pressure in her abdominal area and a wave of nausea. She went to her neighbor to ask for some Pepto Bismol to relieve the pressure and pain.

  • Don Boling

    Don is a self-described case study on cardiovascular stents, as he currently has 10 of them to keep his heart beating. In his early forties, he was diagnosed with diseased arteries after experiencing severe chest pain. He ended up having bypass surgery which did not produce the outcomes needed for prolonged health.

  • Steven Keul

    Steven Keul first realized he had a heart problem when he awoke in a dark hospital room hooked up to a ventilator, surrounded by medical professionals and family. He had been playing tennis when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest. He was only 52.

  • Michelle Nesmith

    The human spirit is the strongest cure for what ails us. Spirit, gratitude and spunk is what defines life for Michelle Nesmith, who received her first artificial valve at the incredible age of 10.

  • Dan Carrasco

    When you least expect it, is when some of life's biggest surprises and miracles occur. Dan Carrasco was visiting his doctor to discuss recent bouts of dizziness and breathlessness. His doctor tested his heart and discovered he had a heart murmur. He was then diagnosed with arterial stenosis, and told he would eventually need heart surgery.

  • Marjorie McCormick

    Marjorie is a good example of the fact that you can't live in a state of denial at any age, and that heart disease can surface at any time.

  • Ann Hutchinson

    Ann first discovered she had heart disease around the age of 53 when she was running in the Governor's Cup Race. Suddenly, her hands were like ice and she couldn't lift her knees. She finished the race walking and running. About three weeks later, she went to see her physician. She was sent to a cardiologist and diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and was treated accordingly.

  • Bill O'Gorman



    It's remarkable, really, that Bill O'Gorman can actually tell you how grateful he is to be alive. The stroke he survived last April was the most severe kind of ischemic stroke. But 24 hours after his stroke started, Bill had completely recovered. This is the story of how everything went perfectly for him.

  • Dennis Haynes



    When Dennis felt queasy and light-headed, his wife, Joyce, knew something was wrong. She called 9-1-1 and told to rush Dennis to the Swedish Southwest ER in Littleton. There, the expert emergency team determined Dennis was having a stroke.

  • Ben Conners – swimmer, outdoor enthusiast



    A blood clot in his arm sent Ben Conners to his doctor in November 2012. The exam revealed compression of the vein just under his clavicle, known as venous thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). Ben’s body architecture provided a narrower-than-average space for his vein, plus he’d bulked up his muscles swimming, leading to more compression. His blood flow was squeezed, causing clotting. After tests, surgery appeared to be the best option.

  • Scott Knock – army medic, husband, dad



    A 2010 helicopter crash in Afghanistan left 24-year-old Scott Knock of Fort Collins with shrapnel embedded in his body. Army doctors in Texas quickly took care of that, but they couldn’t find the cause of residual muscle and nerve spasms that almost incapacitated the Army medic.

  • Jennifer Halvas

    The first time she walked into the Sky Ridge Cardiac Rehab center, full of treadmills and other fitness equipment, Jennifer Halvas burst out crying.

  • Tom Wright

    It was a question Tom Wright had both longed for and dreaded. As he looked into his wife’s confused eyes, answering her question by listing a string of harrowing moments that they’d struggled through for the past four weeks, he knew it was a sign that she had turned a corner.

  • Lilly McFarland

    When Lilly McFarland was born at just 6 ½ months, she weighed in at a scant three pounds, 11 ounces. She spent her first two months in the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Sky Ridge Medical Center.

  • Holly Steinbeck

    breast cancer


    In the Steinbeck household, the youngest addition to the family has the nickname “Angel Baby,” and it’s not just because of her angelic face. Little Brooklyn earned the title because symptoms that arose in her mom during pregnancy led to a breast-cancer diagnosis, most likely saving the young mother’s life.

  • Gary Brown

    Whether it was because of God, his wife, the EMTs, or the hospital medical team, stroke survivor Gary Brown knows he was lucky. Many people don’t survive strokes.

  • Life with Atrial Fibrillation: One Patient's Story

    atrial fibrillation


    A Swedish Medical Center patient shares his story of overcoming heart problems.

  • Madelyn Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Story

    We first discovered that Madelyn had Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) when I was 30 weeks pregnant. Waiting for her arrival was challenging, knowing that she may not survive.

  • Paula Santala

    Paula's eighth pregnancy was her second twin pregnancy, but came with a host of complications.

  • Casey and Amelia

    While we were getting ready for Amelia’s big day we had to prepare for something even bigger — her prenatally diagnosed cardiac anomaly.

  • Monica and Brooklynn

    At 20 weeks, we knew she had a serious problem. It was a word we had never heard before — gastroschisis. And it was word that stopped our hearts.

  • Jacob Snakenberg

    Heads Up…It’s better to sit out one game than the entire season! We’ve all seen it…a cartoon character gets hit on the head, stars appear and the character walks around in circles. Today we would call that a concussion. And while it may be amusing to see on TV, it’s not so funny when it happens in real life.

  • Joann .

    I lost 115 pounds - it's transformed my life totally.

  • Mike .

    This was the start of the Journey to My New Life and what a year it has been!

  • Starting My Life Over Again...

    Bill, Brian, Carl, Randolph, Charlie and Jami get together one Wednesday each month.

  • Angela .

    Thank you all for giving my family and me our lives back.

  • Tiana Medina

    My heart is happy in my new positive, healthy lifestyle. I am loving life and want to experience many things now.

  • Betty Golden

    For a year and a half, intense pain in her ankles had robbed Betty Golden of her time on the greens.

  • Donna Logan

    appendicitis , appendix


    The visit was nine days and eight nights, and it will go down as one of the most memorable experiences of my lifetime.

  • Penny Hornick

    breast cancer


    Little Abby Hornick runs out the back door, tears streaming down her cheeks, as she looks and finds what she needs most: her mom.

  • Cirrissa .

    The best thing I can say that it's transformed every aspect of my life.

  • Doug Rowlett

    heart attack


    Time is of the Essence...I Beat the Odds

  • Lynda Cavanaugh

    spine , spine care , spine surgery


    For Lynda Cavanaugh and Trudy Smith, revision spine surgery has provided the chance to live a normal life— a dream both had given up hoping was possible.

  • Marleen Brack

    I have children, I have grandchildren, and I wanted to enjoy the second half of my life.

  • Judy Nelson

    breast cancer


    Sitting in the Cafe at Sky Ridge while his wife undergoes surgery for the second time since her cancer diagnosis, Rob Nelson says, "we are blessed."

  • Stephanie Perez

    I have become active and am enjoying things I never would have dreamed of doing.

  • Cindy .


    I had gastric bypass surgery at Sky Ridge Medical Center a little over a year ago. I weighed 339 pounds at my heaviest and have so far lost 140 pounds.

  • Jessica Weidknecht

    breast cancer


    Photos of two beaming faces, framed in locks of blonde hair, hang on the wall behind Jessica Weidknecht, as the mother of the two little girls recalls the day her life changed.

  • Soldier Witnesses Son's Birth from Afar

    birth , birth center


    Stan Toronto wasn't in the birthing room at Sky Ridge Medical Center that day. He was in Afghanistan, serving in the U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division.

  • Whitney Nallathamby

    breast cancer


    Whitney says her support system, beginning with Dr. Moore, gave her courage along the way.

  • Maria .

    I had gastric bypass surgery on July 1, 2013. I started at 250 pounds, and I now weigh 192 pounds. That is 58 pounds gone!

  • Dee White

    I have been big my whole life and actually weighed more than 10 pounds at birth.

  • Dawn Rose


    I have been over weight since I hit puberty. Much like most anyone over weight, I yo-yo'd a lot.

  • Chrissy Wiley


    My name is Chrissy Wiley. I had gastric Bypass Surgery on February 9, 2015, which literally saved my life.

  • Darrell Hind

    When I started the program, I was 373 pounds.

  • Carrissa Clark

    I don't really know how or where to begin, but when in doubt, always start at the beginning. I suppose that I have been overweight my whole life.

  • Billie Ann

    You are walking a quiet path through a beautiful park. Something glimmers ahead of you. As you reach it, you look down and there in the rocks is a single antique key.

  • Brian .

    This story started many, many years ago. Like most obese people, I had struggled with the attempt to manage my weight for most of my life.

  • John Hickey

    Ten Years With Sky Ridge's Cardiac Rehab Program

  • Mandy Banks

    neuro , neurosciences , stroke , swedish


    Mandy Banks thanks the expert stroke team at Swedish Medical Center who saved her life.

  • Thyroid Cancer Patient Story

    A patient of Dr. Vanderveen shares about thyroid cancer and treatment at Rose Medical Center.

  • Sally Griffin

    Rose Medical Center Orthopedic & Spine Center Patient Sally Griffin shares her story. Sally suffered from Cauda equina syndrome (CES) incomplete and was treated by Dr. Robinson earlier this year.

  • Teri Novak

    Rose Orthopedic & Spine Center Patient Teri Novak shares her experience with having a total shoulder replacement surgery procedure with Dr. Armodios Hatzidakis.

  • Janet  

    breast , cancer , rmc , rose


    Janet, a patient of the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Rose Medical Center, shares her experience.

  • MiChelle McGarry

    breast , cancer , rmc , rose


    MiChelle McGarry knows all too well what it means to be a breast cancer survivor. She's done it twice. Learn about her incredible story and how Rose Cancer Center changed her life.

  • Stacey Gaker

    breast , cancer , rmc , rose


    Stacey Gaker shares her story of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment at the Rose Breast Care program.

  • Tomas Martinez

    Centennial resident Tomas Martinez went to bed on March 11 with the worst headache he’d ever had in his 36 years. When he woke the next morning, his thoughts were jumbled. “I told him to let his boss know he couldn’t work, and he didn’t recognize her name,” recalls Tomas’ wife, Tatiana. “His comments were scaring me. I knew something was seriously wrong.” By the time the frantic couple reached Sky Ridge Medical Center, Tomas could no longer recall his birthday.

  • Micki Scherling

    breast , cancer , rmc , rose


    Micki, a patient of the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Rose Medical Center, shares her experience.

  • Sherry Arteaga

    Whether you call it karma or sheer luck, self-proclaimed hippy Sherry Arteaga's incidental lung-cancer diagnosis and highly advanced surgical procedure most likely gave the widowed artist more time on her Mother Earth.

  • Amy Jackson

    Amy Jackson received her comprehensive breast cancer treatment at Sky Ridge. It started with her mammogram at Invision Sally Jobe, her mastectomy with Dr. Joyce Moore and then her reconstruction surgery with Dr. Williams and the visually enhanced technology used to improve outcomes.

  • Penny Hornick

    Penny, an EKG technician with Sky Ridge Medical Center, found a lump in her breast during a self-exam. A mammogram and biopsy ensued, through which the 47-year-old tried to remain positive. "Of course, when my OB called and said we have the results of the biopsy back, and you need to get over here right away, I just slid down the wall and lost it," she says.

  • Judy Nelson

    Sitting in the Café at Sky Ridge while his wife undergoes surgery for the second time since her cancer diagnosis, Rob Nelson says, “We are blessed.” Many people might have a difficult time seeing from the same perspective as Rob. His wife, Judy, 51, was diagnosed in April 2012 with breast cancer after a routine mammogram.

  • Mark Commander

    ghiselli , neck , ortho-spine , spine


    “I am fully recovered from the operation now, and have regained almost total range of motion and flexibility in my neck. The pain and the other symptoms associated with my condition were eliminated, and I have resumed all of the activities that I had previously enjoyed."

  • Julie Health

    Julie Health received her comprehensive breast cancer treatment at Sky Ridge from her mammogram at Invision Sally Jobe to her mastectomy with Dr. Joyce Moore and then her reconstruction surgery with Dr. Williams and the help of the SPY Elite Technology.

  • Holly Steinbeck

    In the Steinbeck household, the youngest addition to the family has the nickname “Angel Baby,” and it’s not just because of her angelic face. Little Brooklyn earned the title because symptoms that arose in her mom during pregnancy led to a breast-cancer diagnosis, most likely saving the young mother’s life.

  • Mike Dillard

    Two years ago, Mike Dillard was preparing to die. The Florida retiree and his wife of 42 years had just returned to their Palm Coast home from a cross-country trip in their motorhome, when intestinal troubles re-emerged. Before the trip, his family doctor was treating him for parasites. After the trip, the diagnosis was advanced colorectal cancer with a rare twist: unrelated head and neck cancer.

  • Kate's Thyroid Cancer Story

    Kate, a working mom from Denver, shares her story about receiving treatment for thyroid cancer at Rose Medical Center from Dr. Kimberly Vanderveen.

  • Cayce and Kevin

    Meet Cayce and Kevin, parents to twins David and Decker, born at Rose Medical Center. Cayce and Kevin moved to Denver from Chicago and did their research on the right hospital to welcome their boys. They discuss their experience preparing for delivering at Rose and their time in Rose's neonatal intensive care unit as the boys grew strong enough to go home.

  • Rosemari and AJ

    Meet Rosemari and AJ, parents to Elena, born at Rose Medical Center. Rosemari and AJ moved from Washington, DC and were looking for the right birthplace for their first child. Interested in the Rose Babies Birth Center, Rose's low-intervention birthplace, they chose Rose, and were glad they did when a complication warranted delivery down the hall from the birth center in labor & delivery.

  • Shera Gantenbein

    Meet Shera Gantenbein, Rose Babies Parent. Shera graciously shares her story of her experiences having children at Rose Medical Center.

  • Paul Pursell

    chung , pslmc , spine


    Paul Pursell started feeling nerve pain in his left arm and tension in his neck 5-6 years ago. He went to chiropractors and physical therapists who provided temporary relief but the pain always returned. It continued to progress in his left arm to the point where he felt like he was touching an electric fence and the pain in his neck worsened so he was unable to look up. It was affecting his quality of life not allowing him to work, enjoy sports or play with his kids without intense agony.

  • John Engelmann

    chang , hip , ortho-spine


    John Englemann discusses his hip replacement experience at Rose Medical Center.

  • Nancy Yager

    horner , pelvic , rose , womens


    Rose Medical Center patient Nancy Yager discusses her experience with finally getting the right diagnosis for her pelvic congestion syndrome and her embolization treatment from Interventional Radiologist Dr. Peder Horner. A longtime runner, Yager explains that this treatment has given her back her life!

  • Beth Bouchard

    bess , disc , pslmc , spine


    Beth Bouchard began to experience severe pain in her leg which she assumed was associated with prior medical conditions. One day, at her son’s doctor appointment, she relayed her symptoms to his physician with hopes she would point her in a direction and she referred her to Dr. Shay Bess, spine surgeon at Denver International Spine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s.

  • Lacey Block

    cancer , cbci , leukemia , sarah cannon , tees


    Lacey Block is known to many as a storyteller with her passions for acting, writing and photography. One day at church, Lacey began to experience intense back spasms causing her to abruptly leave so she could soak in a bathtub all night. For several months, Lacey experienced easy bruisability, generalized fatigue and fevers. After undergoing a series of tests, the results showed myeloblasts (blasts for short) in her blood which likely meant leukemia. Lacey recalls saying at this moment, “I immediately thought I was going to die.”

  • Samuel LeFebre

    Samuel LeFebre grew up loving music. He plays the drums, guitar and follows closely in his father’s musical footsteps. In the past few years, Samuel’s love of music declined due to the pain and lack of mobility he was suffering in his wrist. He could barely move it and his pain was so severe, he required narcotics to manage it. He had a large tumor in the end of his radius, one of the bones in the forearm that connects to the wrist, which was diagnosed as a giant cell tumor of the bone. After meeting with physicians in the Pueblo area, he became quite depressed hearing amputation was his only option.

  • Dean Story

    In the past few years, Dean Story experienced shoulder pain that was affecting his life. After getting it checked out, he learned that not only was the cartilage gone but there was also a mass. Pathology reports indicated that it was a chondrosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that needed to be removed. Dr. Daniel Lerman, Orthopedic Oncologist at the Institute for Limb Preservation, in partnership with the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center was onboard to remove the tumor.

  • Debbie S.

    Debbie, a long time smoker, decided to enroll in the Smoking Cessation Program here at The Medical Center of Aurora, after finding out her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

  • Kim Poulton

    chung , psl , spine


    Kim Poulton has a long history of debilitating back pain. At just 14-years-old, she had surgery for scoliosis. The surgery went well, however, many years later she started experiencing pain again but this time due to arthritis and spinal stenosis. The pain was severe, not allowing her to walk or function normally in society. When she reached out to a variety of spine surgeons in her home state of Utah, she was told that, “she was beyond their scope.” Seeking out other options, she was recommended to Dr. Woosik Chung with the Denver International Spine Center.

  • Mona Clark

    In 2001, Mona Clark had throat cancer and a malignant tonsil, which required extensive radiation treatments. In 2015, Mona started to experience the effects of long-term radiation including the possibility of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Since she needed to have a tooth extracted, her oral surgeon suggested hyperbaric oxygen treatment so she could properly heal. Being extremely claustrophobic, Mona struggled with the thought of a mono-chamber (single person chamber) so she researched multi-person chambers and found the Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, the only multi-person chamber in the region.

  • Mike Howard

    cancer , liu , neuroendocrine , psl


    Mike Howard was an active outdoorsman that enjoyed skiing and rock climbing. Two years ago, he started having excruciating stomach pain that landed him in an ER in Houston where they removed a tumor from his intestines. It was at this point that Mike was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor that had spread to his liver.

  • Denise Lyons

    cancer , liu , neuroendocrine , psl


    Towards the end of 2011, Denise Lyons had a cough that did not seem to be getting better. Thinking she had pneumonia, she went in for tests and her X-ray revealed something much larger- tumors in her lungs.

  • Violet's Story

    babies , nicu , rose


    NICU Graduate Violet's mom tells their NICU experience story.

  • Huet Family

    babies , nicu , rose


    NICU Graduates Ella and Amia's mom tells the story of their NICU experience.

  • Nicole DeVere

    cancer , rose , thyroid , vanderveen


    Patient Nicole DeVere shares the experience of being diagnosed and treated for papillary thyroid cancer at the age of 25. She was treated by Dr. Kimberly Vanderveen.

  • Robert Foulk

    Robert Foulk shares his experience with prostate bleeding and the treatment he received from Dr. Peder Horner. The treatment, prostate artery embolization, is an interventional radiology treatment offered at Rose Medical Center

  • Gari (age 59)

    barolat , neuromodulation , psl


    "I found Dr. Barolat and the rest is really history."

  • Jack King

    barolat , neuromodulation , psl


    World renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Giancarlo Barolat is the expert at neurostimulation and the pacemaker for pain. See how it works, the surgery and first hand experience from patient Jack King. Spinal Cord stimulation helps lower back pain when nothing else helps.

  • Mona (Wife of Patient)

    barolat , neuromodulation , psl


    "I really feel like I got my husband back." Mona, Gari’s wife

  • Megan (age 21)

    barolat , neuromodulation , psl


    "Now I’m doing everything that they said I couldn’t so it’s like a miracle story."

  • Miki Reddy

    chung , psl , spine


    Miki Reddy has always been active from hiking and being outdoors to Palangoi classes, one of her favorite pastimes. When she started experiencing neck pain, she assumed she was just getting older and that nothing was wrong until she met with Dr. Woosik Chung, a spine surgeon at the Denver International Spine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s, who determined her neck pain and radiating arm symptoms were a result of degenerative discs.

  • Cassie (age 43)

    barolat , neuromodulation , psl


    "Neuromodulation has been a life saver for me." Cassie, 42

  • Abby Poulter

    barolat , neuromodulation , psl


    Abby Poulter was an athletic child who enjoyed being competitive in gymnastics until one day, she sprained her ankle which triggered a life of pain. The pain was all over. It felt like her body was on fire all day, every day.

  • Darren (age 36)

    barolat , neuromodulation , psl


    "There’s another option out there that’s not drug related."

  • Jennifer's Experience with Rose Babies

    Jennifer shares her experience with Rose Babies, where she received care before, during and after the birth of her daughter. Jennifer received care for preeclampsia during the last part of her pregnancy and then had a great experience with the delivery of her baby and receiving breastfeeding support.

  • Alyssa Liddle

    In 2017, Alyssa Liddle was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ewing Sarcoma and was referred to Dr. Cindy Kelly, orthopedic surgeon with OrthoONE at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL). Alyssa had a tumor in the lower portion of her right leg. Dr. Kelly presented the case to the tumor board at P/SL where the team discussed the best options for her care. T

  • Robert Young

    For the past six months, Robert Young battled severe acid reflux and heartburn when sleeping to the point of puking, gagging and sometimes even passing out. After seeking medical care in South Dakota, they weren’t getting anywhere besides medications so they called Dr. Kevin Rufner in Denver. After running a series of tests, Dr. Rufner stated that Robert’s acid reflux was the worst case he’d ever seen and he referred him to Dr. Tony Canfield, general surgeon at the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s (P/SL).

  • Vicki Pennington

    Several years ago, Vicki Pennington began to suffer from pain and discomfort associated with a woman’s health issue, so she consulted her OB/GYN of 10 years, Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim with the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL). After exploring several nonsurgical options, Dr. Guggenheim determined a robotic hysterectomy would be best since it is less invasive, has smaller incisions and quicker recovery time.

  • Jennifer Keep

    high-risk , nicu , ob , obgyn , smc


    Jennifer Keep never expected that a routine visit to the doctor would entirely change the next six weeks of her life. J

  • Ashlie Gates

    "I am a family care nurse at Swedish Medical Center. Recently, I got to experience the other end of this nurse/ patient relationship. Nine months ago, I gave birth to my first child at Swedish Medical Center. "

  • Stephanie, Mark & Macklin Carlson

    Stephanie and Mark Carlson's son, Macklin, was diagnosed with esophageal atresia in November of 2015. After corrective surgery, with Dr. Saundra Kay and Dr. Steve Rothenberg, Maklin is doing very well two years later.

  • Sharley Nigh

    canfield , psl , wound-care


    Sharlet Nigh’s son, Steven, was born prematurely weighing just one pound seven ounces and required a G-tube for feeding assistance. Because he was a special needs child, the G-tube was important for Steven to obtain the nutrients he needed but since reaching adulthood and a greater level of self-sufficiency, it was decided that the G-tube could be closed. That is when they sought the expert care of Dr. Tony Canfield, general surgeon at the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s.

  • Catherine Martin

    Catherine Martin recently underwent a robotic hysterectomy with Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim. She shares her story.

  • Joint Surgery Rehab

    June Cvelbar longed to pull up the bed covers and go back to sleep. It was fewer than 24 hours since her doctor had tied the last stitch after replacing her knee, and nurses were ushering her out of bed, chattering something about "boot camp."

  • Kathy McGovern

    cancer , gynonc , ovarian , rose


    Meet Kathy McGovern, an ovarian cancer survivor who was treated at Rose Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.

  • Cynthia de Chelly

    cancer , gynonc , rose , uterine


    Cynthia de Chelly was diagnoses with Stage 3 uterine cancer and turned that difficult situation into an opportunity for personal growth and reflection, thanks to her care team at Rose Cancer Center.

  • Nina Ovadia

    Nina Ovadia shares her story about battling thyroid cancer with Dr. Kimberly Vanderveen at the Rose Medical Center Thyroid & Parathyroid Center.

  • Erin Massaro

    Erin Massaro shares her experience as a patient of Metropolitan OB/GYN and delivering her Rose Baby.

  • Beth Ann Faisst

    Beth Ann Faisst of Aurora shares about her experience giving birth to her son at the Rose Babies Birth Center: A Low Intervention Birth Place.

  • Amy Rasmusson

    Amy Rasmusson shares her experience of having two Rose Babies with the help of Metropolitan OB/GYN and Rose Medical Center.

  • Chuck Farmer

    ortho-spine , rose , shoulder


    Chuck Farmer, a patient at the Rose Institute for Joint Replacement, share his story about his shoulder pain. His life changed dramatically after his shoulder replacement surgery, and he's enjoyed getting back to the activities that he loves.

  • Greg Klinkel

    knee , ortho-spine , rose


    Greg Klinkel tells his patient experience with Dr. Dennis Chang.

  • John Grover

    knee , ortho-spine , rose


    Patient John Grover talks about surgery at Rose and how orthopedic surgery at Rose got him back to his life.

  • Bryan Swift

    hip , ortho-spine , rose


    Hear from Bryan Swift about his experience with hip replacement from Dr. Dennis Chang.

  • Michelle Bowles

    ortho-spine , rose , spine


    Michelle shares her back pain experience and how her life changed after having a spinal fusion procedure at the Rose Spine Institute.

  • Edie Revie

    knee , ortho-spine , rose


    Edie Revie shares how she got her life back with knee replacement surgery at the Rose Institute for Joint Replacement.

  • Jim Schell

    knee , ortho-spine , rose


    Patient Jim Schell loves to travel and orthopedic surgery at Rose helped to get him back to his life.

  • Dennis Culver

    hip , ortho-spine , rose


    Dennis Culver, a patient from the Rose Institute for Joint Replacement, tells about his life living with hip pain, and how it has changed since his hip replacement surgery at Rose Medical Center.

  • Dick Funk

    hip , ortho-spine , rose


    Patient Dick Funk talks about how hip surgery at Rose helped to get him back to golf and back to life.

  • William Dahlberg

    ortho-spine , rose , shoulder


    Patient William Dahlberg had shoulder surgery at Rose and it helped to get him back to his life.

  • Tom Walker

    knee , ortho-spine , rose


    Patient Tom Walker had orthopedic surgery at Rose and it helped to get him back to hiking and back to his life.

  • Susan Bruce

    hip , ortho-spine , rose


    Hear from Susan Bruce about her experience having hip replacement surgery with Dr. Dennis Chang.

  • Jack Kloenne

    ortho-spine , rose , spine


    Jack Kloenne, a patient at the Rose Spine Institute, shares his experience. Jack suffered from chronic back pain and discusses how his life changed after his spine surgery.

  • John Shaw

    hip , ortho-spine , rose


    Patient John Shaw talks about how hip surgery at Rose took care of him and helped to get him back to life.

  • Kathy Kelly

    knee , ortho-spine , rose


    Kathy Kelly shares her story of a knee replacement surgery with Dr. Dennis Chang.

  • James Phil Barra

    As an old Army vet and retired school principal, James Phil Barra shoots straight. At 79, he tells people the stage 4 cancer that has challenged him for the past four years will probably have him “pushing up daisies” soon. But that doesn’t mean the witty Colorado Springs husband and grandfather won’t fight for more time if given a chance.

  • Lee Brooke

    After a grizzly attack in the remote Wyoming backcountry, Lee Brooke was airlifted to receive care from Swedish Medical Center, one of the few Level 1 trauma centers in the region.

  • Bill Meehan

    airlife , stroke , swedish


    On the day Bill Meehan dropped “like a sack of potatoes” at the gym, he had wrestled with whether or not to work out. The Chief Operating Officer for Frontier Airlines was considering pointing his car toward I-70 and heading to his Breckenridge cabin, rather than the Denver health club.

  • Caven Ronald

    One day last spring, Caven Ronald went to warm up the John Deere before tackling the morning’s project. But that day, the tractor didn’t cooperate. “Instead of just starting, it decided to go, and I couldn’t get out of the way,” says Caven, who knew firing up farm equipment from the ground was a no-no. But after the monstrous back tire rolled over him, crushing his pelvis, Caven is not likely to do it again. “I was on the ground, realizing this wasn’t going to turn out well.”

  • Jenny Card

    Jenny Card and her husband were playing “Beat the Parents” with their kids when she got the phone call from her doctor. As she learned her tests were positive, her 10-year- old son and 8-year-old daughter oblivious by her side, Jenny locked eyes with her husband across the boardgame-strewn table and mouthed the words: I have cancer.

  • Sandra & Ethan White

    From the day she took her little boy out of a verbally-abusive home, Sandra White struggled with raising her son. At first, there were tears. Why didn’t his daddy love him? Then he closed up, stuffing his emotions inside. Breakdowns and panic attacks marked his early grade-school years. And then the anger arose.

  • Satish & Malini

    cmfh , ptrmhc , rmhc


    When medical doctors Satish Gadi and Malini Dasari were told their unborn daughter had a rare lung condition, the Baton Rouge couple soon went on a search for the nation's top expert and repeatedly heard the same answer: RMHC's Dr. Steven Rothenberg.

  • Bree Wolfe

    For Bree, who proclaimed at age 3 that she was going to be a “baby doctor,” it wasn’t the birthing scenario she had envisioned. For years, the Denver doula planned a midwife attended, wholly natural, water birth. But that dream was crushed by an auto-accident injury, which made the risk of stroke during labor too high.

  • Rachel Bjorkman

    At six months pregnant, Rachel Bjorkman’s fifth run at motherhood took an unexpected turn. An ultrasound revealed a dangerous condition that threatened her baby’s life. The discovery was early enough that the chances of saving her daughter were high. But it meant Mom would have to spend her last weeks of pregnancy in the hospital - during Christmas.

  • Jody & Lauren Balaun


    After learning during a routine ultrasound that she and her baby girl had an incurable genetic disease that killed her father at 52 and her grandmother at 54, Jody Balaun focused on living life with purpose. She and her husband adopted another daughter from China, raised awareness and funds for the disorder, and made active family time a priority. But they always knew the disease would eventually show its ugly side.

  • Mina Cohen

    pslmc , robotics


    After Denver resident Mina Cohen started experiencing severe cramping and indescribable pain, she decided it was time to seek medical help. A friend recommended Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim of Consultants in Obstetrics & Gynecology, who determined that Mina had a large fibroid and needed to have surgery. She was given the options of removal—which would likely lead to further surgery in the future—or a hysterectomy.

  • Jessica Barton

    barolat , neuromodulation , pslmc


    When Jessica Barton was 12 years old, she was knocked down by a dog in a park. She was taken to the ER, but was sent home when doctors couldn't find anything wrong. A few months later, she woke up with excruciating pain in her back. After several exploratory surgeries it was discovered that Jessica had actually broken a bone in her back which cut into a nerve, causing her pain.

  • Charles Sykes

    cancer , gi cancer , psl


    In 2011, Charles Sykes was diagnosed with carcinoid tumors of the small intestines, a slow-growing cancer that often affects the digestive tract. His medical case was presented for review at tumor board in Nashville, TN and Dr. Eric Liu - a surgical oncologist specializing in neuroendocrine tumors - knew he could help.

  • Steve Johnson

    psl , robotics


    Steve Johnson is an active outdoorsman. From his college days as an oarsman to his extensive biking commutes, Steve found himself always on the go until he was plagued by a series of reoccurring hernias, many of which were bilateral. Facing his seventh hernia repair, Steve was determined to make it his last one. He visited four surgeons before meeting and selecting Dr. Tony Canfield, Medical Director and Robotic Surgeon at the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s (P/SL), for his surgery. With six prior surgeries as his reference point, Steve was in awe of the recovery time. Just one day post surgery he was standing up straight and less than four weeks post surgery, he was back to biking 60+ miles. He is thankful to Dr. Canfield and the team at P/SL and optimistic this will be his last hernia repair.

  • Jacquie Davey

    psl , robotics


    When Jacquie Davey developed spotting 12 years after menopause, she knew she needed to make an appointment with her gynecologist to find out what was going on. After an ultrasound revealed that she had either a fibroid or polyp, Jacquie was referred to Dr. Victor Dabelea – a designated Center of Excellence in minimally invasive gynecology – for further examination.

  • Heidi's Weight Loss Journey

    bariatrics , rose


    After being referred to Denver’s Rose Bariatric Center by her OBGYN, Heidi made the life changing decision to have Gastric Bypass surgery. As a Bariatric Center of Excellence, Rose’s Post Op Care has been like family to Heidi, helping here every step of the way.

  • Don's Weight Loss Journey

    bariatrics , rose


    After the death of his father, Don made the most important health decision of his life, weight loss surgery. Referred to Denver’s Rose Bariatric Center by his primary care physician, Don credits Dr. Michael Snyder for changing his life through Lap Band surgery.

  • John's Weight Loss Journey

    bariatrics , rose


    John made the decision to have Lap Band surgery after his failing health lead to kidney cancer and Type 2 diabetes. He chose Rose’s Bariatric Center of Excellence, after three of his doctors suggested Denver’s Rose Medical Bariatric Center as the best in weight loss surgery.

  • Lauren's Weight Loss Journey

    bariatrics , rose


    Lauren decided to have Lap Band surgery after seeing a friends weight loss surgery results. She decided to get healthy and do something for herself. She chose Lap band because it was less invasive with a shorter recovery time. Lauren chose Rose Medical Bariatric Center due to the Dr. Michael Snyder’s reputation and Rose’s Bariatric Center of Excellence designation.

  • Kendra's Weight Loss Journey

    bariatrics , rose


    Kendra decided to have bariatric surgery after becoming frustrated with her lifelong weight loss struggle. After a discussion with her husband and a recommendation from her primary care physician, Kendra decided to have her Gastric Bypass surgery with Dr. Michael Snyder at Denver’s Rose Medical Bariatric Center.

  • Tom's Weight Loss Journey

    bariatrics , rose


    After losing both his parents to diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, Tom decided to have Gastric Bypass surgery. He selected Dr. Michael Snyder and Rose’s Bariatric Center of Excellence after extensive research and a recommendation from his primary care doctor.

  • Jamey Feger

    kidney , psl


    Due to an autoimmune-triggered issue, Jamey Feger required quarterly blood tests and he knew one day he would need a kidney transplant. On Christmas Eve in 2014, that fateful news came when tests came back that he was in renal failure that required him to be on dialysis and join the transplant list. Jamey’s out-of-state cousin found he was a match and decided to save Jamey through living donation.

  • Emul King

    cardiac , psl


    Emul King was unable to walk long distances without needing to sit down and take a break. After meeting with Dr. Dilsher Nawaz with the Aurora Denver Cardiology Associates at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL), tests revealed that he needed a quadruple bypass to reduce his chances of a massive heart attack, stroke or even death.

  • Bob Ellis

    kidney , psl


    Born with Polycystic Kidney Disease, Bob Ellis knew that one day he would have to undergo a kidney transplant. The past two years, Bob’s family and friends noticed his health was rapidly declining. He was losing color, napping more and slowing down — he desperately needed a kidney.

  • Lindsay Schumaker

    cmfh , rmhc


    When Brant and Lindsay Schumaker found out they were expecting their second child, they began their prenatal journey at the Ivinson Memorial Hospital in their hometown of Laramie, Wyoming, where their first daughter Anna had been born. They had normal check-ups and no reason to suspect anything was wrong, but at around 35 weeks, Lindsay started having severe contractions and went into labor.

  • Andrea Rau

    ob , psl


    Andrea Rau chose to deliver her baby girl at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s (P/SL) for a multitude of reasons and she could not be happier with the outcome. Working with Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim, a physician with Consultants in OB/GYN at P/SL, complications with her child were identified at an early stage and closely monitored by high-risk obstetricians.

  • Patty Fredericks

    bariatric , swedish


    Patty Fredericks is no longer hiding behind the struggles of weight loss after turning 50 this past year she decided it was time to do something. “I want to tell people to come out of hiding. I did and it’s the best choice I’ve ever made in my life” explains Fredericks. After years of spending money on diets and trainers, nothing seemed to work.

  • Jane Ginsberg

    bariatric , psl


    Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center patient, Jane, talks about the weight loss surgery program and her transformation.

  • Chad's Bariatric Success Story

    bariatric , northsuburban


    "I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I could lose a little weight by I always gained it back. I felt my weight was robbing me of the life I used to have. My health became affected by my weight and I had high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, difficulty sleeping and lack of energy."

  • Kendra's Bariatric Success Story

    bariatric , rosemed


    "I have struggled with weight all my life. I went through years of ups and downs of extreme dieting and exercise, and it got to the point where I felt frustrated and had basically given up on weight loss success. When I finally reached about 280 pounds, I knew I needed something permanent and effective."

  • Shelli's Bariatric Success Story

    bariatric , skyridge


    "I decided to talk to a doctor about the procedure so I continued to research until I came across Dr. Chae. He had the most experience in sleeves and I couldn’t find any negative reviews. I went in for my consultation in October and it was a whirlwind from there."

  • John Romero

    kidney , psl


    John Romero was born with Alport's Disease, a rare, hereditary kidney disease that over time drastically lowers the functionality of the kidney. When John turned about 30-years-old, his kidney function rapidly deteriorated forcing him on kidney dialysis and to eventually be added to the transplant waitlist.

  • Stephanie Madsen

    cancer , gyn-onc , swedish


    When she was twenty-five years old, Littleton Colorado's Stephanie Madsen thought she had her entire future planned out. Newly married, she wanted to move to a new city, buy a new house and start a family with her husband Matt. Life seemed to be perfect for Stephanie until one day her list of dreams quickly turned into a battle plan to fight cancer. "It was so tough, I felt like we had lost our freedom to plan our lives," says Stephanie.

  • Douglas Foe

    cancer , cdlp , swedish


    Douglas Foe’s deadly pancreatic cancer – that he’d managed to survive for more than six years – returned for a second time recently, spreading to his adrenal gland. But the positive Foe – whom his wife calls "highly abnormal" – thanks his upbeat attitude for licking cancer again. Well, that, and progressing technology.

  • Sharon Baltzell

    cancer , lung , swedish


    Sharon Baltzell will tell you that she's alive today for two reasons: 1) She quit smoking 10 years ago, and 2) She heeded a public-service announcement from HealthONE's Swedish Medical Center to have a low-cost lung scan. The Nebraska resident even dragged her husband along because of a short history of cigar smoking.

  • Tovah Garland

    ob , psl


    Tovah Garland feels blessed to deliver a happy, healthy baby at Presbyterian/St. Luke's, but it was her experience with Certified Nurse Midwife Cheryl Kohrs with Consultants in OBGYN that really stood out to her.

  • Robert Chesney

    cardiac , psl


    P/SL Cardiac Rehab patient Robert Chesney talks about his progress and the good and bad of being a chef.

  • Nancy Steffen

    cardiac , psl


    Cardiac patient Nancy Steffen shares her experience with the P/SL Cardiac Rehab Team.

  • Allen Metzgar

    cardiac , psl


    P/SL patient Allen Metzgar had open heart surgery and talks about his experience and getting better.

  • Harry Swinhart

    cardiac , psl


    Harry Swinhart talks about his cardiac care experience at P/SL and the Cardiac Rehab Department.

  • Munsey Ayers

    cardiac , psl


    When Munsey Ayers began experiencing shortness of breath and chest pains while exercising, he mentioned the symptoms to his oncologist at his next visit. He was advised to see Dr. Dilsher Nawaz at Aurora-Denver Cardiology Associates the following day for an EKG.

  • Crystal Padilla

    institute-limb-pres , pslmc


    When Crystal Padilla started having mobility issues in her right arm, she decided to see her doctor. After having her arm x-rayed, Crystal was told she had an aggressive tumor wrapped around the bone in her upper arm.

  • Arika Hall

    cmfh , ptrmhc


    Two months before her due date, Arika Hall went into labor. Terrified of another premature birth, she knew the challenges she’d face if she gave birth too soon.

  • Tom Snyder

    Tom Snyder and his wife, Susan, were visiting Colorado on a ski vacation from Alabama when Tom’s leg suddenly went numb.

  • Adriana Hakes

    In 2002, Adriana Hakes was in a serious car accident when the car she was riding in slammed into a telephone pole. Adriana suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting in right-sided paralysis, visual and cognitive deficits. After neurosurgery and stabilization at the acute hospital, Adriana was transferred to Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital for her recovery.

  • Dani Posner

    During the 2013 Christmas break, Dani Posner and her family decided to take a trip from their home in Chicago to Beaver Creek, Colo. Despite being new to snowboarding, Dani and her father Wally eagerly hit the slopes on the first morning of their visit.

  • Samantha Gagno

    Samantha Gagnon was your typical young adult making her way in the world. Following college, she was training for a half marathon for the fall and had just broken into the Denver stand-up scene. She began her student teaching semester in a high school when she began experiencing frequent dizzy spells and throbbing pain in her ears.

  • Gary King

    institute-limb-pres , psl


    When the pain in Gary King's left knee became an issue, he made an appointment to see Dr. Ron Hugate at Colorado Limb Consultants (CLC), who had performed a joint replacement on his right knee several years prior.

  • Colleen O'Hara

    After being successfully treated with radiation therapy for bone cancer in her cranium, one of the side-effects Colleen O'Hara suffered from was tooth loss. She met with her oral surgeon to begin the repair process and was surprised to find out that she needed 30+ hours of hyperbaric oxygen therapy prior to each procedure.

  • Evelyn Santilli

    psl , wound-care


    Evelyn Santilli had previously been a patient at the Denver Wound Healing Center, so when she needed treatment again for the wounds on her legs, she knew exactly where she wanted to receive her care.

  • Deana Petrova

    heart , ptrmhc


    We sat down with Deana Petrova, the mother of a child with a rare congenital heart defect, to discussher family’s experience at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC).

  • Jose & Sarah Sala-Guth

    heart , ptrmhc


    Jose and Sarah Sala-Guth found out their son, Joseph, was born with a series of unexpected conditions that would require multiple surgeries, and he was transferred to the NICU immediately after birth. In recovery from his third surgery, doctors discovered an unknown heart condition and informed Jose and Sarah that Joseph would need to undergo open-heart surgery.

  • Eugene Potestio

    kidney , psl


    Eugene Potestio talks about the great care he received at the Kidney Transplant Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.

  • Rachel Fuentes

    psl , robotics


    Fuentes says she had experienced severe pain around the time of her monthly menses since her fourth and last pregnancy in 2005. “They finally decided I had endometriosis and it made me decide that it was okay to have the hysterectomy.”

  • Anna Brawner

    psl , robotics


    Anna Brawner’s happy smile and apparent good health belie two years of suffering mysterious and excruciating pain. Recently recovered from surgery Brawner calls Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center surgeon, Anthony Canfield, M.D., her hero.

  • Emily Mosman

    kidney , psl


    P/SL operating room nurse Emily Mosman, RN, BSN knew for a long time that she would need a kidney transplant. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when she was 12. In the last few years, as her kidney function continued to decline, she was placed on the transplant waiting list. About six months later she found herself with a living donor – her mom.

  • Victor Sebastian

    psl , robotics


    Always active in sports, Victor Sebastian found himself sidelined five years ago by his Crohn’s Disease when his bowels were blocked and his intestines completely closed. He immediately had surgery but that led to a series of incisional hernias that continued to grow to the point of discomfort and a reduced quality of life.