• Bill Meehan

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    On the day Bill Meehan dropped “like a sack of potatoes” at the gym, he had wrestled with whether or not to work out. The Chief Operating Officer for Frontier Airlines was considering pointing his car toward I-70 and heading to his Breckenridge cabin, rather than the Denver health club.

  • Katrina Journey

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    She and her father had just crossed the Kansas border, when Katrina Journey punched her obstetrician’s number into her cellphone. Although her due date was six weeks away, what she thought were harmless Braxton-Hicks contractions had intensified, alarming the soon-to-be, first-time mom. Her doctor’s instructions: Find the nearest hospital.

  • Mandy Banks

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    Mandy Banks noticed she was moving slower than normal and struggling to remember names on the day she went to Rose Medical Center for her 38-week pregnancy check-up. When doctors examined Mandy, it quickly became apparent something was not quite right. Thanks to the rapid thinking by the Rose Medical Center treatment team during an MRI, the team recognized the American Stroke Association’s and sprung into action.