• Paul Pursell

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    Paul Pursell started feeling nerve pain in his left arm and tension in his neck 5-6 years ago. He went to chiropractors and physical therapists who provided temporary relief but the pain always returned. It continued to progress in his left arm to the point where he felt like he was touching an electric fence and the pain in his neck worsened so he was unable to look up. It was affecting his quality of life not allowing him to work, enjoy sports or play with his kids without intense agony.

  • Kim Poulton

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    Kim Poulton has a long history of debilitating back pain. At just 14-years-old, she had surgery for scoliosis. The surgery went well, however, many years later she started experiencing pain again but this time due to arthritis and spinal stenosis. The pain was severe, not allowing her to walk or function normally in society. When she reached out to a variety of spine surgeons in her home state of Utah, she was told that, “she was beyond their scope.” Seeking out other options, she was recommended to Dr. Woosik Chung with the Denver International Spine Center.

  • Miki Reddy

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    Miki Reddy has always been active from hiking and being outdoors to Palangoi classes, one of her favorite pastimes. When she started experiencing neck pain, she assumed she was just getting older and that nothing was wrong until she met with Dr. Woosik Chung, a spine surgeon at the Denver International Spine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s, who determined her neck pain and radiating arm symptoms were a result of degenerative discs.