• Ray Merenstein

    Ray Merenstein experienced chest pain walking around downtown Denver on the eve of his wife's 50th birthday party.

  • Paul Bakanowski

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    Paul Bakanowski went in for a regular physical with his primary care physician, expecting nothing out of the ordinary, only to disover a significant blockage in the "widow maker," the left atrial artery of his heart.

  • Deana Petrova

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    We sat down with Deana Petrova, the mother of a child with a rare congenital heart defect, to discussher family’s experience at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children (RMHC).

  • Jose & Sarah Sala-Guth

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    Jose and Sarah Sala-Guth found out their son, Joseph, was born with a series of unexpected conditions that would require multiple surgeries, and he was transferred to the NICU immediately after birth. In recovery from his third surgery, doctors discovered an unknown heart condition and informed Jose and Sarah that Joseph would need to undergo open-heart surgery.

  • Stan Janiec

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    For nearly a decade, Stan Janiec endured more drugs and electrical shocks to his chest than he cares to remember. As his doctors worked to control his atrial fibrillation, a misfiring of the heart’s electrical signals causing an uneven heartbeat, it became increasingly persistent and less responsive to treatment. Eventually, it began robbing the 71-year-old of the life he had envisioned for his golden years.