• Mona Clark

    In 2001, Mona Clark had throat cancer and a malignant tonsil, which required extensive radiation treatments. In 2015, Mona started to experience the effects of long-term radiation including the possibility of osteonecrosis of the jaw. Since she needed to have a tooth extracted, her oral surgeon suggested hyperbaric oxygen treatment so she could properly heal. Being extremely claustrophobic, Mona struggled with the thought of a mono-chamber (single person chamber) so she researched multi-person chambers and found the Hyperbaric Medicine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center, the only multi-person chamber in the region.

  • Colleen O'Hara

    After being successfully treated with radiation therapy for bone cancer in her cranium, one of the side-effects Colleen O'Hara suffered from was tooth loss. She met with her oral surgeon to begin the repair process and was surprised to find out that she needed 30+ hours of hyperbaric oxygen therapy prior to each procedure.

  • William Herron

    In 2001, after having chronic sinus infections, William Herron was diagnosed with skull-based osteomyelitis. One of the treatments he received was hyperbaric oxygen therapy.