• Rachel Bjorkman

    At six months pregnant, Rachel Bjorkman’s fifth run at motherhood took an unexpected turn. An ultrasound revealed a dangerous condition that threatened her baby’s life. The discovery was early enough that the chances of saving her daughter were high. But it meant Mom would have to spend her last weeks of pregnancy in the hospital - during Christmas.

  • Chad's Bariatric Success Story

    bariatric , northsuburban


    "I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life. I could lose a little weight by I always gained it back. I felt my weight was robbing me of the life I used to have. My health became affected by my weight and I had high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, difficulty sleeping and lack of energy."

  • Mary Bostic

    When Mary Bostic was given a tour of the treatment center where she would undergo six rounds of chemotherapy in the coming weeks, the newly diagnosed breast cancer patient had an unexpected reaction. Seeing mostly women patients chatting, reading, napping and being attended to in their line of lounge-chair-like recliners, Mary quipped: “This looks like the spa!”