• Vicki Pennington

    Several years ago, Vicki Pennington began to suffer from pain and discomfort associated with a woman’s health issue, so she consulted her OB/GYN of 10 years, Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim with the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL). After exploring several nonsurgical options, Dr. Guggenheim determined a robotic hysterectomy would be best since it is less invasive, has smaller incisions and quicker recovery time.

  • Catherine Martin

    Catherine Martin recently underwent a robotic hysterectomy with Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim. She shares her story.

  • Bree Wolfe

    For Bree, who proclaimed at age 3 that she was going to be a “baby doctor,” it wasn’t the birthing scenario she had envisioned. For years, the Denver doula planned a midwife attended, wholly natural, water birth. But that dream was crushed by an auto-accident injury, which made the risk of stroke during labor too high.

  • Rachel Bjorkman

    At six months pregnant, Rachel Bjorkman’s fifth run at motherhood took an unexpected turn. An ultrasound revealed a dangerous condition that threatened her baby’s life. The discovery was early enough that the chances of saving her daughter were high. But it meant Mom would have to spend her last weeks of pregnancy in the hospital - during Christmas.