• Paul Pursell

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    Paul Pursell started feeling nerve pain in his left arm and tension in his neck 5-6 years ago. He went to chiropractors and physical therapists who provided temporary relief but the pain always returned. It continued to progress in his left arm to the point where he felt like he was touching an electric fence and the pain in his neck worsened so he was unable to look up. It was affecting his quality of life not allowing him to work, enjoy sports or play with his kids without intense agony.

  • Beth Bouchard

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    Beth Bouchard began to experience severe pain in her leg which she assumed was associated with prior medical conditions. One day, at her son’s doctor appointment, she relayed her symptoms to his physician with hopes she would point her in a direction and she referred her to Dr. Shay Bess, spine surgeon at Denver International Spine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s.

  • Dean Story

    In the past few years, Dean Story experienced shoulder pain that was affecting his life. After getting it checked out, he learned that not only was the cartilage gone but there was also a mass. Pathology reports indicated that it was a chondrosarcoma, an aggressive cancer that needed to be removed. Dr. Daniel Lerman, Orthopedic Oncologist at the Institute for Limb Preservation, in partnership with the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center was onboard to remove the tumor.

  • Mina Cohen

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    After Denver resident Mina Cohen started experiencing severe cramping and indescribable pain, she decided it was time to seek medical help. A friend recommended Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim of Consultants in Obstetrics & Gynecology, who determined that Mina had a large fibroid and needed to have surgery. She was given the options of removal—which would likely lead to further surgery in the future—or a hysterectomy.

  • Jessica Barton

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    When Jessica Barton was 12 years old, she was knocked down by a dog in a park. She was taken to the ER, but was sent home when doctors couldn't find anything wrong. A few months later, she woke up with excruciating pain in her back. After several exploratory surgeries it was discovered that Jessica had actually broken a bone in her back which cut into a nerve, causing her pain.

  • Crystal Padilla

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    When Crystal Padilla started having mobility issues in her right arm, she decided to see her doctor. After having her arm x-rayed, Crystal was told she had an aggressive tumor wrapped around the bone in her upper arm.