• Caven Ronald


    One day last spring, Caven Ronald went to warm up the John Deere before tackling the morning’s project. But that day, the tractor didn’t cooperate. “Instead of just starting, it decided to go, and I couldn’t get out of the way,” says Caven, who knew firing up farm equipment from the ground was a no-no. But after the monstrous back tire rolled over him, crushing his pelvis, Caven is not likely to do it again. “I was on the ground, realizing this wasn’t going to turn out well.”

  • Adriana Hakes


    In 2002, Adriana Hakes was in a serious car accident when the car she was riding in slammed into a telephone pole. Adriana suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting in right-sided paralysis, visual and cognitive deficits. After neurosurgery and stabilization at the acute hospital, Adriana was transferred to Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital for her recovery.

  • Samantha Gagno


    Samantha Gagnon was your typical young adult making her way in the world. Following college, she was training for a half marathon for the fall and had just broken into the Denver stand-up scene. She began her student teaching semester in a high school when she began experiencing frequent dizzy spells and throbbing pain in her ears.

  • Stevie Vigil


    The night he ended up in a medically-induced coma, Nash (Stevie) Vigil had been helping a friend fix his car. The two had finished and were driving to a restaurant when another vehicle T-boned their car, crashing into Stevie’s passenger side. The impact propelled the 24-year-old’s head sideways, slamming it into his buddy’s head.

  • Bill Foreman


    Every workday for 33 years, Deputy Bill Foreman would get up, look in the mirror, and remind himself that his bullet hadn’t been made yet. It was a motto he and his fellow officers held on to for mental focus in their dangerous law-enforcement jobs. But on Feb. 10, Bill’s “bullet” came in the form of a large pickup truck.