• Stephanie, Mark & Macklin Carlson

    Stephanie and Mark Carlson's son, Macklin, was diagnosed with esophageal atresia in November of 2015. After corrective surgery, with Dr. Saundra Kay and Dr. Steve Rothenberg, Maklin is doing very well two years later.

  • Satish & Malini

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    When medical doctors Satish Gadi and Malini Dasari were told their unborn daughter had a rare lung condition, the Baton Rouge couple soon went on a search for the nation's top expert and repeatedly heard the same answer: RMHC's Dr. Steven Rothenberg.

  • Lindsay Schumaker

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    When Brant and Lindsay Schumaker found out they were expecting their second child, they began their prenatal journey at the Ivinson Memorial Hospital in their hometown of Laramie, Wyoming, where their first daughter Anna had been born. They had normal check-ups and no reason to suspect anything was wrong, but at around 35 weeks, Lindsay started having severe contractions and went into labor.

  • Lindsey Wilson

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    As soon as the picture of their twin boys appeared on the ultrasound monitor, Lindsey and Mark Wilson knew something was drastically wrong. One twin appeared stuck, as if shrink-wrapped, to the side of the uterus, while the other fetus was floating around in a sea of fluid. If nothing were done soon, both of their unborn babies would probably die.