• Betty Golden

    For a year and a half, intense pain in her ankles had robbed Betty Golden of her time on the greens.

  • Lynda Cavanaugh

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    For Lynda Cavanaugh and Trudy Smith, revision spine surgery has provided the chance to live a normal life— a dream both had given up hoping was possible.

  • Marleen Brack

    I have children, I have grandchildren, and I wanted to enjoy the second half of my life.

  • Sally Griffin

    Rose Medical Center Orthopedic & Spine Center Patient Sally Griffin shares her story. Sally suffered from Cauda equina syndrome (CES) incomplete and was treated by Dr. Robinson earlier this year.

  • Mark Commander

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    “I am fully recovered from the operation now, and have regained almost total range of motion and flexibility in my neck. The pain and the other symptoms associated with my condition were eliminated, and I have resumed all of the activities that I had previously enjoyed."

  • Paul Pursell

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    Paul Pursell started feeling nerve pain in his left arm and tension in his neck 5-6 years ago. He went to chiropractors and physical therapists who provided temporary relief but the pain always returned. It continued to progress in his left arm to the point where he felt like he was touching an electric fence and the pain in his neck worsened so he was unable to look up. It was affecting his quality of life not allowing him to work, enjoy sports or play with his kids without intense agony.

  • Beth Bouchard

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    Beth Bouchard began to experience severe pain in her leg which she assumed was associated with prior medical conditions. One day, at her son’s doctor appointment, she relayed her symptoms to his physician with hopes she would point her in a direction and she referred her to Dr. Shay Bess, spine surgeon at Denver International Spine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s.

  • Kim Poulton

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    Kim Poulton has a long history of debilitating back pain. At just 14-years-old, she had surgery for scoliosis. The surgery went well, however, many years later she started experiencing pain again but this time due to arthritis and spinal stenosis. The pain was severe, not allowing her to walk or function normally in society. When she reached out to a variety of spine surgeons in her home state of Utah, she was told that, “she was beyond their scope.” Seeking out other options, she was recommended to Dr. Woosik Chung with the Denver International Spine Center.

  • Miki Reddy

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    Miki Reddy has always been active from hiking and being outdoors to Palangoi classes, one of her favorite pastimes. When she started experiencing neck pain, she assumed she was just getting older and that nothing was wrong until she met with Dr. Woosik Chung, a spine surgeon at the Denver International Spine Center at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s, who determined her neck pain and radiating arm symptoms were a result of degenerative discs.

  • Michelle Bowles

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    Michelle shares her back pain experience and how her life changed after having a spinal fusion procedure at the Rose Spine Institute.

  • Jack Kloenne

    ortho-spine , rose , spine


    Jack Kloenne, a patient at the Rose Spine Institute, shares his experience. Jack suffered from chronic back pain and discusses how his life changed after his spine surgery.

  • Joyce Hanson

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    Joyce Hanson was a healthy, active, outdoor enthusiast that enjoyed hiking, biking, skiing and everything Colorado has to offer. Three years ago, Joyce woke up with horrific back pain that crippled her to the point where she was unable to walk.

  • Phyllis Beattie

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    Phyllis was born an artist. One of her proudest pieces is the bronze monument in front of the main Presbyterian/St. Luke’s entrance. In doing what she loves, Phyllis started getting stiffness in her neck from arthritis and was diagnosed with stenosis.

  • Josh Leong

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    The Leong family thought they were complete until they received an email regarding Josh, a 9 year-old-boy born with severe congenital scoliosis that was resulting in his right lung being crushed by his spine. Thanks to Dr. Shay Bess, Josh is now an active 13-year-old breathing with ease, running track and playing soccer.

  • Mary Catherine Nederostek

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    When Mary Catherine Nederostek began having pain in her upper spine, she went to see her primary care physician and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. After several years, her spine had degenerated to the point that her chin was touching her chest and she was in constant pain.

  • Annie Adkisson

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    Annie Adkisson dealt with the pain of scoliosis for years. Constantly pitched forward and leaning to the right, her condition and the pain associated with it, progressed to the point of being unbearable which prompted her to take action.

  • John Mauss

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    When John Mauss took a fall on ice, it aggravated a condition he didn't even know he had – spinal stenosis. Because of the swelling and trauma in his back, the pain he experienced was so severe that he couldn't walk more than 100 feet without having to sit down.

  • Paul Murphy

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    In July 2000, First Sergeant-1SG (Ret) Paul Murphy was evacuated out of Bosnia and taken to the Walter Reed Medical Center to be treated for a spinal injury. Fellow Army comrade, COL (Ret) Timothy R. Kuklo, MD performed the surgery. When First Sergeant-1SG (Ret) Murphy needed surgery again, he sought out COL (Ret) Kuklo, MD

  • Anna Sniezek

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    At just 12 years of age, Anna Sniezek was constantly being told to stop slouching and to stand up straight. She had no idea she was slouching and realized she was unable to stand up straight.