• Tomas Martinez

    Centennial resident Tomas Martinez went to bed on March 11 with the worst headache he’d ever had in his 36 years. When he woke the next morning, his thoughts were jumbled. “I told him to let his boss know he couldn’t work, and he didn’t recognize her name,” recalls Tomas’ wife, Tatiana. “His comments were scaring me. I knew something was seriously wrong.” By the time the frantic couple reached Sky Ridge Medical Center, Tomas could no longer recall his birthday.

  • Sherry Arteaga

    Whether you call it karma or sheer luck, self-proclaimed hippy Sherry Arteaga's incidental lung-cancer diagnosis and highly advanced surgical procedure most likely gave the widowed artist more time on her Mother Earth.

  • Amy Jackson

    Amy Jackson received her comprehensive breast cancer treatment at Sky Ridge. It started with her mammogram at Invision Sally Jobe, her mastectomy with Dr. Joyce Moore and then her reconstruction surgery with Dr. Williams and the visually enhanced technology used to improve outcomes.

  • Julie Health

    Julie Health received her comprehensive breast cancer treatment at Sky Ridge from her mammogram at Invision Sally Jobe to her mastectomy with Dr. Joyce Moore and then her reconstruction surgery with Dr. Williams and the help of the SPY Elite Technology.

  • Penny Hornick

    Penny, an EKG technician with Sky Ridge Medical Center, found a lump in her breast during a self-exam. A mammogram and biopsy ensued, through which the 47-year-old tried to remain positive. "Of course, when my OB called and said we have the results of the biopsy back, and you need to get over here right away, I just slid down the wall and lost it," she says.

  • Holly Steinbeck

    In the Steinbeck household, the youngest addition to the family has the nickname “Angel Baby,” and it’s not just because of her angelic face. Little Brooklyn earned the title because symptoms that arose in her mom during pregnancy led to a breast-cancer diagnosis, most likely saving the young mother’s life.

  • Judy Nelson

    Sitting in the Café at Sky Ridge while his wife undergoes surgery for the second time since her cancer diagnosis, Rob Nelson says, “We are blessed.” Many people might have a difficult time seeing from the same perspective as Rob. His wife, Judy, 51, was diagnosed in April 2012 with breast cancer after a routine mammogram.

  • Mike Dillard

    Two years ago, Mike Dillard was preparing to die. The Florida retiree and his wife of 42 years had just returned to their Palm Coast home from a cross-country trip in their motorhome, when intestinal troubles re-emerged. Before the trip, his family doctor was treating him for parasites. After the trip, the diagnosis was advanced colorectal cancer with a rare twist: unrelated head and neck cancer.

  • Jenny Card

    Jenny Card and her husband were playing “Beat the Parents” with their kids when she got the phone call from her doctor. As she learned her tests were positive, her 10-year- old son and 8-year-old daughter oblivious by her side, Jenny locked eyes with her husband across the boardgame-strewn table and mouthed the words: I have cancer.