• Nancy Yager

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    Rose Medical Center patient Nancy Yager discusses her experience with finally getting the right diagnosis for her pelvic congestion syndrome and her embolization treatment from Interventional Radiologist Dr. Peder Horner. A longtime runner, Yager explains that this treatment has given her back her life!

  • Vicki Pennington

    Several years ago, Vicki Pennington began to suffer from pain and discomfort associated with a woman’s health issue, so she consulted her OB/GYN of 10 years, Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim with the Center for Robotic Surgery at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center (P/SL). After exploring several nonsurgical options, Dr. Guggenheim determined a robotic hysterectomy would be best since it is less invasive, has smaller incisions and quicker recovery time.

  • Ashlie Gates

    "I am a family care nurse at Swedish Medical Center. Recently, I got to experience the other end of this nurse/ patient relationship. Nine months ago, I gave birth to my first child at Swedish Medical Center. "

  • Catherine Martin

    Catherine Martin recently underwent a robotic hysterectomy with Dr. Jennifer Guggenheim. She shares her story.