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Rachel Fuentes

Posted on: 02/02/2017

Medical Assistant’s Robotic Surgery “Went so Smoothly”

“I was scared, but everything went so smoothly. People were so informative and they took such good care,” is how Burlington, Colorado medical assistant Rachel Fuentes describes her experience with robotic surgery. Dr. Victor Dabelea performed a hysterectomy on Rachel last March 25th at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Fuentes says she had experienced severe pain around the time of her monthly menses since her fourth and last pregnancy in 2005. “They finally decided I had endometriosis and it made me decide that it was okay to have the hysterectomy.” Her doctor in Burlington referred her to Dr. Dabalea, who visited Burlington for periodic clinics in the Eastern Plains town.

“I was a little skeptical at first because I’d never gone to a male OB before. But he was wonderful,” she says. “Dr. Dabalea explained everything to me. He asked me whether I wanted robotic or regular surgery and I opted for the robotic surgery.” Part of her choice was based on a shorter recovery time for robotic surgery.

“It took me about three weeks to completely recover and to be able to walk without hunching over a little bit, but it was beautiful – hardly any scarring.” She was on her feet and walking without assistance within four days.

“The staff took great care of me. Even when they put the IV in, it didn’t hurt – and that’s the first time ever!”

Since her surgery, Rachel has moved to Kansas where she plans to study to become an RN.

Posted on: 02/02/2017

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